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Cylinder kits are often required when Stihl equipment is diagnosed to have a damaged cylinder. Most kits contain the cylinder, piston, piston rings, piston pin and pin retainer clips. The cylinder base gasket, exhaust gasket, cylinder bolts and piston needle bearing are usually not included and must be purchased separately.  

In some situations a full cylinder kit is not required and the engine fault can be corrected by replacing the piston rings, piston, cylinder only, cylinder base gasket or a combination of any of these.

Stihl cylinders are made from cast magnesium that have been machined to close tolerances with a chrome plated cylinder bore for wear resistance. Stihl pistons are made from closely machined aluminum.

Most Stihl cylinders are fastened in place using Torx number 27 (T-27) head bolts, and a long shaft #27 Torx wrench is required to reach these bolts through the cylinder access holes.

1108 020 1220 Cylinder and Piston Kit  08S, TS350AVE, TS08, TS350, TS360  

1111 020 1200 Cylinder and Piston Kit  050, 051, TS50, TS510  

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