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H12 and H12R Mini Excavator Manual and Parts List

Chapter I Usage Features and Performance Parameters of H12 Excavators  
Section I Usage and features  
Section II Main performance parameters  
Chapter II Basic Structures and Work principle of H12 Excavators  
Section I Overview  
Section II Work principle  
Section III Basic structure of mechanical system  
Section IV Basic structure of hydraulic system  
Chapter III Service Technologies of H12 Excavators  
Section I Basic construction knowledge  
Section II Preparation for work  
Section III Operational essentials  
Section IV Operational precautions  
Chapter VI Maintenance of H12 Excavators  
Section I Daily inspection  
Section II Periods of overhaul, medium and minor repair  
Chapter VII Troubleshooting of H12 Excavator  
Section I General  
Section II Troubleshooting of mechanical system  
Section III Troubleshooting of hydraulic system  
Section IV Troubleshooting of electrical controlsystem  
Section V Troubleshooting of engine  
Section VI Other  
Attachment: BOM List of H12 Parts  
As product improvements, technical data and parameters is likely to change.  
Chapter I Usage Features and Performance Parameters of H12  
Section I Usage and features  
H12 Excavators are provided with excavating, crushing, ditch cleaning, drilling and bulldozing, with  
their attachments quick hitched and thus its utilization up greatly. In addition, they are easy to operate and  
transport and flexible to work at narrow site.  
H12 Excavators, hydraulic type with single bucket  
This type of excavators are mainly applied to: farming, landscaping, ditching and fertilization in garden, vegetable  
greenhouse, agricultural transformation, indoor demolition, small earthwork, civil engineering, road recovery,  
basement and indoor construction, concrete breaking, burying of cable, laying of water supply line, garden  
cultivation, desilting and others.  
The excavator are equipped with KOOP/KUBOTA/CHANGCHAI Diesel Engine or BRIGGS & STRATTON Gasoline  
Excavators are able to equipped with multiple work equipment, such as quick hitch, log grapple, ripper, leveling  
bucket, auger and narrow bucket, as well as optional roof, radiator and others, so as to meet your needing.