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Tecumseh Carburetor Parts  
Find Tecumseh carburetor parts by OEM part number in the carburetor parts list below.
27106 Carburetor Float Pin  

27136A Bowl Drain Assembly  

29156 Float Valve Kit  

31390 / 30359 / 29155 / 29157 Carburetor Kit  H22 to H70, HH40 to HH70, L series, LAV
series, LV series, TV series, V40 to V55, VH80, VH100

31839 Adjustment Screw  

31840 Carburetor Repair Kit  H22 to H70, HH40 to HH70, HS40, HS50, HSK35, HSK60, HXL35,
LAV35, LAV40, TVXL105, V50 to V70, VH70

630748 Welch Plug  

630932A Needle Valve Assembly  AH600, AV520, AV600, H22 thru H25, H30, H35, HS40,
HSK30, HSK600, LAV30, TV085, TVM140, TVS90, TVS600, V50, V60

630978 Diaphragm Kit  AV520, H30, LAV40, LAV1400, LAV1500  

631021 / 631021A / 631021B Float Needle Valve Kit  H30, HMSK, HSSK, LEV models, LH
models, LV models, OHH, OH195, OHM120, OVRM120, V40, V50, V60, VM80, VM100

631026 Adjustment Screw  OVRM60  

631027 Welch Plug  

631029 Carburetor Repair Kit  H25, H30, LAV35, V40 to V70, VH40 to VH70, OVRM60  

631583 Adjustment Screw  

631782 Carburetor kit  H25 to H70, HM40 to HM70, HS, LAV25 to LAV35, V, VH50 to VH70  

631700 Carburetor Bowl  

631781 Adjustment Screw  HM70, H80, HM80  

631839 / 631584 Carburetor Repair Kit  H25 to H70, HM40 to HM70, HS, LAV25 to LAV35, V,
VH50 to VH70

631867 Carburetor Bowl  

631893 / 631892 / 631131 / 630974 Carburetor Kit  AH600, AV520, AV600, H22 to H35,
HS 40, LAV30, LAV40, TVS600, TVS1400, TVS1500

631978 Carburetor Repair Kit  H80, HH100, HM, VM  

632019 Carburetor Float  

632240 Carburetor Repair Kit  HM80, TVXL  

632347 Carburetor Kit  HH100, HHM80, HM70 to HM100, HMSK, OHV125, OVM120, OXVL120,
TVM170, TVM195, TVM220, TVXL195, TVXL220

632551 / 632709 Float Needle Valve Kit  OH318, OHM,OHV, OV, TVT, VLV, VTX  

632554 Welch Plug  

632760B Carburetor Repair Kit  HMSK, HSK845, HSK850, HSSK, LEV, LH, LV, OH195,

632802 Carburetor Float  

730637 / 730637A Bowl Kit  VLV50, VLV55, VLV60, VLV65, VLV66, VLV126  

730638 Bowl Kit  OHV110, OHV115, OHV120, OHV130, OV358  

730639 Bowl Kit  OHV14, OHV15, OHV16, OHV17, OHV135, OHV140, OHV145, OHV150,
OHV155, OHV160, OHV165, OHV170, OHV175

730649 Bowl Kit  OH318, OHM, OV691, TVT  

Replacement Carburetors  

Carburetor Gaskets and Seals  

Primer Bulbs  

Universal Float Repair Kit  
About Tecumseh Carburetors:

Like all internal combustion engines, the
carburetor on your Tecumseh engine
plays an important role in engine
performance. For proper operation it is
important that your carburetor be kept
free from foreign substances such as dirt
and water. Proper storage of your
equipment along with regular replacement
of the air and fuel filters will improve the
performance of the carburetor and in turn
your Tecumseh engine.

The most common style carburetor found
on Tecumseh engines is the float style
carburetor which is easily identified by
the bowl under the carburetor body.
There are also however, a number of
models that used diaphragm pumps in
place of the float bowl concept. The
diaphragm style carburetor has the
advantage of being able to operate at
greater angles than float style carburetors
which need to remain at a near upright

Identifying the carburetor model on your
Tecumseh engine can be complicated;
however it is essential for purchasing the
proper parts and/or repair kit. Using the
parts look up section on our site, along
with visual comparison, will help identify
the proper Tecumseh carburetor parts
and repair kit for your engine model.
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