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There are a number of sizes, shapes and styles of gaskets used on Tecumseh engine carburetors. Among these are paper fiber based gaskets, rubber o-seals, rubber washers and fiber washers. Not all gaskets and seals need to be replaced when servicing a Tecumseh carburetor. The decision on which gaskets to replace depends on the level of repair work performed. If the carburetor is removed, it is advised to replace the intake gasket (or carburetor mount gasket). If the float bowl is serviced with the carburetor remaining attached to the engine, you may only need to replace the rubber bowl gasket and bowl retaining bolt fiber o-gasket.  For further information of Tecumseh carburetor service and carburetor gaskets refer to our repair manuals section
Tecumseh Carburetor Gasket

26756 Carburetor Mount Gasket  Engine series V, VH, LV, H, LAV, HS, TNT, TVS  

27110 / 27110A Bowl Washer  H22 to H70, HM40 to HM70, LAV25 to LAV35, V, V40 to V100, VH50 to VH70  

30188 / 32649 / 32649A Carburetor Mount Gasket  ECV100 to ECV120, H, HH80 to HH120, HS, HSK30, HSSK40, LAV30 to LAV40, TVS  

29776 / 31688 / 31688A Carburetor Mount Gasket  LV22 to LV35, LAV40, H22, H70, HH, HSK, TNT10, TVS

35332 O-Ring Set  OHM120, OHSK, OVXL  

33263 / 33861 Carburetor Mount Gasket  HM70 to HM100, V80, VM70 to VM100  

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