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Find Tecumseh carburetors by OEM part number in the replacement carburetor parts list below. We advise you confirm correct carburetor model with the illustrated parts list for your engine. Many Tecumseh engine models use different carburetors as per engine spec number.

632107 / 632107A / 640084 / 640084A / 640084B Carburetor  HSK40, HSK50, HSSK40, HSSK50, HS50, LH195SA  

632113 / 632113A Carburetor  HS40, HSSK40  

632334 / 632334A Carburetor  HM70, HM80, HMSK80, HMSK90 (7HP to 9HP Snow King engines)  

632370 / 632370A Carburetor  HM100, HMSK100  

632795 / 632795A Carburetor  ECV100, LAV30, LAV35, LAV40, LAV50, TVS75, TVS90, TVS100, TVS105, TVS115, TVS120, TVXL90, TVXL105, TVXL115, TNT120  

640020 / 640020B Carburetor  VLV50, VLV55, VLV60, VLV66, VLV126  

640023 / 640051 / 640140 / 640152 / 640152A Carburetor  HM80, HM100 (8HP and 10HP snow blower engines)  

640065 / 640065A Carburetor  OHV110, OHV125, OHV130, OHV115, OHV120, OV358EA, OVH135  

640260 / 640260A / 640260B / 632689 Carburetor  HH80, HM90, HM100, LH318XA, LH358EA  

640285, 640289, 640326, 640328, 640329, 640353 Carburetor  OH318EA, OH318XA, OHM90, OHM100, OHM110  

640305 / 640346 Carburetor  OH195EA, OH195EP, OH195XA, OH195XP, OHH50, OHH55, OHH60, OHH65  

640349 Carburetor  HMSK90, LH318SA, LH358SA  

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