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Gaskets used on Tecumseh engines are made from a variety of materials and come in many shapes and sizes. They serve a number of roles in engine operation and there importance should not be over looked. For example the head gasket maintains cylinder compression and the crankcase gasket prevents oil from leaking out of the crankcase. Failure of the crankcase gasket, or base gasket, could result in catastrophic engine failure.

The materials used in construction of Tecumseh gaskets include rubber, graphite, metal clad graphite and a host of felt paper based materials. Refer to the parts look up section on our site for proper part number identification of gaskets for your Tecumseh engine.

Find Tecumseh gaskets by OEM part number in the gasket parts list below.

26750A / 35261 / 37130 / 37609 Crankcase Gasket  LAV30 to LAV50, LV22 to LV35, TNT100, TNT120, TVS75, TVS105, TVS120, SLV, V17, V32, VA models  

26754A Exhaust Gasket  ECV100, H30, HS40, HS50, HSSK, LAV30, LAV35, LAV40, LAV50, LH195, TVS75 to TVS120  

26756 Intake Gasket  Tecumseh series V, VH, LV, H, LAV, HS, TNT, TVS  

27272A Air Cleaner Gasket  All air cleaner equipped models  

27915A Intake Gasket  H40 to H80, HM70 to HM100, V40 to V80, VH70, VM80 to VM100  

30188 / 32649 / 32649A Intake Gasket  ECV100 to ECV120, H, HH80 to HH120, HS, HSK30, HSSK40, LAV30 to LAV40, TVS  

31688 / 31688A Intake Gasket  LV22 to LV35, LAV40, H22, H70, HH, HSK, TNT100, TVS  

33233 / 33233A Gasket Set  ECH90, H22, H25, H30, H35, HSK30, HSK35, HXL35  

33235A Gasket Set  H50, H60, HH50, HH60, HSK50, HSK60  

33237B Gasket Set  HH80, HH100, HH120, VH80, VH100  

33239 / 33239A Gasket Set  H70, HH70, HSK70, V70, VH70  

33263 / 33861 Intake Gasket  HM70 to HM100, V80, VM70 to VM100  

33279 / 34042 Gasket Set  HM70, HM80, HM100, HMXL70, TVM170, TVM195, TVXL195, VM70, VM80  

33516 / 33516G Gasket Set  HH150, OH120, OH140, OH160, OH180  

33740 / 33740F Gasket Set  LAV50, TVS120  

35865 / 27930A Exhaust Gasket  H70 , HH60, HH70, HM80, HSK70, TVXL195, V70  

36062 / 36062C / 36062D Gasket Set  ULT60, VLV50, VLV55, VLV60, VLV65, VLV66, VLV126  

36450 / 36450A / 36450B / 36450C Gasket Set  HM80, HM85, HM90, HMSK80, HMSK85, HMSK90, LH318, TVM195, TVXL195  

36481 / 36481B Gasket Set  TVS75, TVS90, TVS100, TVS105, TVS115  

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