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Head, or cylinder gaskets, used on Tecumseh engines serve the important purpose of maintaining cylinder compression. To accomplish this, the head gasket must endure a number of extreme conditions from the high pressure generated on the compression stroke to the high temperatures at normal engine operation. Failure of the head gasket will result in substantial loss of engine performance. Due to the extreme conditions, Tecumseh head gaskets are made from either graphite or a metal clad graphite construction.
Tecumseh Head Gasket
Once removed, the head gasket on Tecumseh engines should always be replaced with the correct new one during engine re-assembly. An important reason for this is the uneven compression that takes place in the gasket material when the head bolts are tightened. Re-using the old gasket can result in a poor seal between the cylinder head and the engine block and subsequently a loss in engine performance. It is also important to follow the correct tightening sequence and torque specifications when re-installing the cylinder head. Refer to our parts look up section for the proper Tecumseh head gasket part number for your engine.

Find Tecumseh head gaskets by OEM part number in the head gasket parts list below.

28938 B / 28938C Head Gasket  HH, HSK, H40 to H60, TVM140, V35 to V60, VH40 to VH60  

29953C Head Gasket  H30, H35, HSK, HXL35, LAV30, LAV35, TVS75, TVS90, TVXL90  

33015 / 33015A Head Gasket  ECV100, HS40, HSSK40, LAV40, TNT100, TVS100, TVS105, TVXL105  

33270 / 34041A / 34041B Head Gasket  H80, HH80, HM70 to HM80, HM100, HMSK80, HMXL70, TVM170 to TVM195, TVM220, TVXL170 to TVXL195, V80, VM80, VM100  

33554 / 33554A / 36443 Head Gasket  ECV110, HS50, HSSK50, LAV40, LAV50, LH195, TNT100, TNT120, TVS115, TVS120  

34225 / 34225A Head Gasket  HH150, OH140, OH150, OH160  

34923A Head Gasket  HM100, HMSK100, TVM220, TVXL220  

35306 / 35306A Head Gasket  OHM120, OHSK120, OVRM120, OVXL120  

35946 Head Gasket  OHV12, OHV13, OHV125, OVXL120, OVXL125  

36061 Head Gasket  ULT, VLV, VLXL  

36337 Head Gasket  OHV14, OHV15, OHV16, OHV17, OHV110, OHV115, OHV120, OHV125, OHV130, OHV135, OHV140, OHV145, OHV150, OHV155, OHV160, OHV165  

36437 Head Gasket  H30, H35, H40, HT35, TVS90  

36440 Head Gasket  HS40, HSSK40, TVS  

36448 Head Gasket  HM, HMSK, LH318, TVM195, TVXL195  

36451 Head Gasket  HM, HMSK, LH, TVM220, TVXL220  

36443 / 36477 Head Gasket  ECV110, HS50, HSSK50, LAV40, LAV50, TNT100, TNT120, TVS115, TVS120  

36719 Head Gasket  OH195EA, OH195EP, OH195SA, OH195SP, OH195XA, OH195XP, OHH50, OHH55, OHH60, OHH65, OHSK55, OHSK60, OHSK65, OHSK70, OVRM65, OVRM120  

36738 / 36626 Head Gasket  OH55, OHH50  

37028 Head Gasket  LEV100, VSK100  

37388 Head Gasket  OV691, TVT  

36787 / 37796 Head Gasket  LEV120, LV195  

510274A Head Gasket  AH600, AV, HSK, TH098, TV085, TVS600

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