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Oil Seals used on Tecumseh engines are available in a wide range of sizes depending on the engine model. The primary purpose of the oil seal is to prevent the engine oil from leaking out around the ends of the crankshaft. There are usually two oil seals located on Tecumseh engine models. The PTO (power take off) side seal that is on the end of the crankshaft which attaches to the equipment; and the magneto side seal which is on the end of the crankshaft that attaches to the flywheel. These seals are also referred to as crankcase seals or crankshaft seals.

Special tools are available that aide in the removal and installation of oil seals. These tools can also help prevent damage to the seals during installation.

Find Tecumseh oil seals by OEM part number in the oil seal parts list below.  

Magneto Side Seals:  

27676 Oil Seal  

27876B Oil Seal  

35319 Oil Seal  

36301 Oil Seal  

510328 Oil Seal  

PTO Side Seals:  

25492 Oil Seal  

26208 Oil Seal  

27897 Oil Seal  

28427 Oil Seal  

28460 Oil Seal  

28540 Oil Seal  

31950 Oil Seal  

32630 Oil Seal  

33625 Oil Seal  

36742 Oil Seal  

510319 Oil Seal  

Camshaft Seals:  

28926 Oil Seal  

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