Stihl Carburetors

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Walbro WT-325 Carburetor  017, 018, MS170, MS180  

Walbro WT-215 Carburetor  021, 023, 025, MS210, MS230, MS250  
Walbro WT-286 Carburetor  021, 023, 025, MS210, MS230, MS250  

Walbro WT-426 Carburetor  024, 026, MS240, MS260  

Walbro HD-19-B Carburetor  029, 039, MS290, MS310, MS390  

Zama C3A-S31E Carburetor  034, 036, MS340, MS360  

Bing 48A101C Carburetor  038, MS380, MS381  

Walbro HD-15-B Carburetor  044, MS440  

Walbro HD-16 Carburetor  046, MS460  

Walbro WJ 65 / WJ-67 Carburetor  064, 066, MS640, MS660  

Zama LB-S9 Carburetor  070, 090  

Zama C1Q-S157 Carburetor  FC75, FS80, FS85, KM80, KM85  

Zama C1Q-S51C Carburetor  FS120, FS200, FS250  

Walbro WT-223 Carburetor  FS160, FS180, FS220, FS280, FR220  

Zama C1Q-S34H Carburetor  FS400, FS460  

Tillotson HL-292 Carburetor  TS08, TS350, TS360  

Zama C1Q-S118 Carburetor  TS410, TS420 

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