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About Stihl engine parts:

The internal engine parts used in Stihl equipment
models consist of a crankcase, cylinder head,
crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, piston rings,
piston pin, bearings and various fasteners. The
crankcase of most models including chainsaws
and cut off saws is usually formed as part of the
power head body. The cylinder head on most
Stihl medium and larger models attaches
directly on top of the crankcase and it often
attaches behind the crankcase on small
chainsaws. Pistons and piston rings are
available in many sizes and configurations
depending on the model and displacement. The
same is true for crankshaft and connecting rod
parts. Two types of bearing are commonly used
on Stihl models; and they include caged roller
bearing and ball bearing designs. The most
common fasteners are torx head machine
screws and various nuts, bolts and clips.

Most internal engine parts used in Stihl
equipment models are made from cast
magnesium and aluminum including the
crankcase, cylinder head, piston and connecting
rod. The crankshaft, piston rings and fasteners
are made from various grades of steel.
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