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Homelite Spark Plugs
Find Champion spark plug numbers for Homelite equipment in the model list below.  
Champion Spark Plug
Champion CJ6 spark plug  
Homelite chainsaws 1050, Super 1050, 1130G, 350, 360, 945, 955, Big Red SXL, Old Blue SXL,
Super 1130G, 2100S, 3100G, Super XL-AO, SXL, 35SL, XL-925 V1-944, V1-955, XL123,
VI123, XL660F and XL923

Homelite cut off saws DM-20, MP38, MP88 and XL98D

Homelite XL98C ditcher saw

Homelite brushcutters and trimmers st400 and xlbc4

Champion DJ6J spark plug  
Homelite chainsaws 450, 550, Mini Models, Super EZ-AO and Super EZ

Homelite DM-50 cut off saw

Champion DJ7J spark plug  
Homelite chainsaws 150, 190, 240, Super 2, Super 240, VI-Super-2, XL and XL-2

Homelite P-100 Waterbug

Homelite trimmers st150, 155, 175, 175bc, st185bc, 200, 275, 285bc, st385, st385bc, ST485,
ST80, ST90, ST100 and ST120

Champion DJ8J spark plug  
Homelite 330 chainsaw

Champion J6C spark plug  
Homelite chainsaws C72, Super Wiz 55 and Super Wiz 66

Homelite generators with Homelite brand engines

Champion L86C spark plug  
Homelite equipment with Robin engines

Homelite generators 180R162, 180RIE62, HG50-1400, HG50-2000 and HG50-2500

Homelite generators with Robin 11 h.p. engines

Champion RCJ6Y spark plug  
Homelite chainsaws 250, 290, 300, 340, 8800, d3300, d3800, d3350b, d3850b, z3330, z3350,
z3350b and z3850b

Homelite Super XL 3 h.p. ditcher saw

Homelite e50-2 edgers

Homelite brushcutters and trimmers pbc3800 and pbc4000

Champion RCJ7Y spark plug  
Homelite CS-50 chainsaw

Champion RCJ8 spark plug  
Homelite chainsaws XL-12 and XL100A

Homelite generators 270S2-1, 270S2-1P and 270TP2-1

Homelite water pumps XLS1-1/2-1, XLS1-1/2-1H

Homelite VTP4 trash pump

Homelite trimmers HK18, HK24 and HK33

Homelite hedge trimmers HT18 and HT 23

Champion RCJ8Y spark plug  
Homelite HG600 generator

Champion RC12YC spark plug  
Homelite generators with Briggs & Stratton 9 h.p. Vanguard engines

Champion RC14YC spark plug  
Homelite 160TP4-1C trash pump

Homelite HPW3000B pressure washer

Homelite 178VI52 generator

Champion RDJ7Y spark plug  
Homelite chainsaws 180, 192, 200, 245 HG, SL, 252 All Models, 410, 540, CS-40, LX30 and
Little Red XL

Homelite DM-40 and DM-54 cut off saws

Homelite MB-1000 pressure washer

Homelite blowers BX90, HB100, HB180, HB180v, HB180vgk, HB390, HB390V

Homelite backpack blowers BP250, HB280, HB290, HB380, HB480, HB680, PBP3000

Homelite pse3000 edger

Homelite hedge trimmers HT17, HT19, HT21, HT22, HX16

Homelite trimmers and brush cutters 165, 260, 310, d30mhv, d25mhv, d30mhv, d630cd, d730cdv,
d830ca, d830cb, d830cd, d830sb, d830sba, d830sd, d830sd, e200, HBC18, HBC28, HBC30,
HBC38, HBC40, HLT15, HLT16, HLT18, HLT28, PHP3000, PBC3600, plt3200, plt3400,
ST160, ST160a, ST180, SX135, SX155, ST175gs and z25ehv

Homelite ZR Series trimmers z625cd, z625cdv, z625sd, z725ca, z725cb, z725cdv, z725ce,
z725cea, z725se, z825sd, z830sb, z830sba and z885sd

Homelite HTC12 tiller

Champion RJ8C spark plug  
Homelite Super Wiz 80 chainsaw

Homelite water pumps 20DPS, 20S1-1/2-1A, 250S2 and 250TP2

Champion RJ12C spark plug  
Homelite water pumps 9S3-1 and 250DP3

Champion RJ19LM spark plug  
Homelite HAC500B air compressor

Homelite water pumps 110SU1.5, 111S1.5, 111DP2-1A, 111DP3-1A, 111S2, 120S3, 221432,
120TP3, 121TP2-1C, AP125, AP215, AP220, AP315, AP320, AP520, CC200, CC205,
FP250, HC-320, HC-520, HST-320, HST-520

Homelite pressure washers HPW1200B, HPW1550B,HPW2000B, HPW2250V, PW1500,
PW1750 and PW2200

Homelite generators 176BI40A, 190HY50, EH2500HD, EH4400HD, EHE4400HD, EH5500HD,
EHE5500HD, EHRL4400HD, HG3500, HGE3500, HL2500, HL4400, HLE4400, LR2500,
LR4400, LRE4400, LR5500, LRE5500, LRI2500, LRI4400, LRIE4400, LRI5500, LRE5500
and LRIE5500

Homelite generators with Briggs & Stratton 5 h.p, 7 h.p, 8 h.p, 10 h.p and 11 h.p engines

Homelite lawn mowers HCM20, HCM20P5, HCM20P5G, HSB21, HSB21P5, HSB21P5EG,
HSC20-2, HSD20, HSD20P5, HDS20V, HSD20P-2, HSD20-2

Homelite lawn mowers with Briggs & Stratton engines
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