Champion DJ6J Spark Plug (851)

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Find Champion DJ6J spark plugs for your small engine equipment below. Champion part number 851.

Champion spark plug model number:

Champion DJ6J Spark Plug

Type: Standard  

Gap: .025"

DJ6J application chart

Other Champion part numbers:

DJ6J cross reference numbers:
AC Delco CS41T
Autolite 2954
Bosch HS5E, WAK225T3
Denso T22M-U, WA22M, WA22M-U
Motorcraft AF3NX

Champion DJ6J Spark Plug Applications:

CRAFTSMAN  3.5/20, 4.5/23, 2.5
CRAFTSMAN  Beaver 1.9
HOMELITE Chain & Cut Off Saws 450, 550
HOMELITE Chain & Cut Off Saws DM-50 Multi-Purpose
HOMELITE Chain & Cut Off Saws Mini Models
HOMELITE Chain & Cut Off Saws Super EZ-A0, EZ
MASSEY-FERGUSON  190, 190A, 250
McCULLOCH  5-10A, 5-10G, LG-6, 6-10
McCULLOCH  6-10A, S6-10A, 7-10A
McCULLOCH  CP-125, CP-125S
McCULLOCH  G-70, SP80 , PM-60, SP-81
McCULLOCH  Mac 10 Series: 4-10, 5-10
McCULLOCH  Pro Mac 3800, 8200
McCULLOCH  Pro Mac 800, 850
McCULLOCH  SP-40, SP-60, SP105, SP-125C
ROPER  C110, C121
ROPER  C11047, C12147
ROPER  C6117, C6257, C6367
ROPER  C6257AR, C6367AR
ROPER  ProAm 412, 414, 415

Commercial & Industrial Engines
ROPER  Model 1900, CA301AR

Farm Tractors & Equipment, Construction Machinery
EVANS with McCulloch 710 Masonry & Concrete Saws

LEAR  with McCulloch Engines

Outboard Marine
TANAKA  (1992) Bumble Bee

Outdoor Power Equipment
SPINTRIM  Edgers/Trimmers

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