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Champion Spark Plugs

Find Champion spark plug numbers for Honda engines and equipment in the model list below.  

Honda engines G100, G100K1, G100K2, GV100

Honda generators EG650, EM650, EX650 and EX1000

Honda lawn mowers HR17 and HR173

Honda HT3810 lawn tractor

Honda water pumps with 2.2 h.p. and 2.5 h.p. engines

Honda WA15 and WB15K2 water pumps

Honda outboard motors BF2A, BF2D and BF20F

Honda tillers F200 and F210

Honda HP250 track carrier

Honda generators E1000, ED1000, ED1000A, E1500, E1500K1, E1500K2, E1500K3, E2500, E2500K1, E2500K2, E2500K3, EC1500, EG1500K3, EM3500SX and ES3500

Honda MR50 dirt bike (1974-75)

Honda F400 tiller

Honda generators E1000, ED1000, ED1000A, E1500, E1500K1, E1500K2, E1500K3, E2500, E2500K1, E2500K2, E2500K3, EC1500, EG1500K3, EM3500SX and ES3500

Champion RC12PMCB3 spark plug  
Honda engines GX610K1, GX610U1, GX620K1, GX620U1, GX630, GX660, GX670, GX670U1, GX690, GXV610K1, GXV610U, GXV620K1, GXV620U, GXV630, GXV660, GXV670U, GXV670U1 and GXV690

Honda GV150 engine

Honda EX350 generator

Honda HR21 lawn mower Std. Ignition 2029059

Honda TA36MX 3.5 h.p two cycle engine

Honda engines GV150, GV200, GV400 and GV400K1

Honda generators EM500, EM500K1 and EM600

Honda two cycle engines KT28 4.0 h.p., KT30 3.5 h.p. and TG28 11.0 h.p.

Honda HR21 lawn mower with CDI 2029059 ignition unit

Honda engines G150, G200, G300, G400, GX360K

Honda NC50 scooters (1977-83)
Honda NA50 mopeds (1979-81)
Honda NU50 and NU50M mopeds (1982-83)

Honda lawn tractors HT3813, HT4213 and H4514H

Honda two cycle engines KT18 13.0 h.p. and TH26 10.0 h.p

Honda EM5000 generator

Honda XL175 motorcycle (1973-78)

Honda engines GC160A, GC190A, GCV135, GCV135A, GCV160, GCV160A, GCV160E, GCV190, GCV190A, GCV520U, GS190, GS190A, GSV190, GSV190A, GX120K1, GX120UT1, GX160, GX160H1, GX160K1, GX160U1, GX200U, GX200UT, GX240K, GX240U1, GX270, GX270T, GX270U, GX270UT, GX340K, GX340U1, GX390K1, GX390U1, GX390UT1, GX670 and GXV630

Honda generators EB2200X, EM2200X, EG1400X, EG1400XK1, EG2200X, EX2200, EM1600X and EM1800X

Honda EN2500 generator with 5 h.p. OHC engine

Honda lawn mowers HR215, HR215K1HMA, HR215K1HXA, HR215, HRC215K1PDA, HRC215K1SDA, HR215K1SXA, HRA215, HRB215, HRB215HXA, HRB215PXA, HRB215SDA, HRB215SXA, HRM195PA, HRM215, HRM215HXA, HRM215PXA, HRM215PDA, HRM215SDA, HRM215SXA, HRM215K1, HRM215K2, HRR216SDA, HRR216S3DA, HRT216SDA, HRT216S3DA, HRS216PDA, HRS216SDA and HRR216DPA

Honda FG400A1 tiller

Honda mowers HRC215K1PDA and HRC215K1SDA

Honda trash pumps WT20X and WT20XK1

Honda water pumps WA20X, WA30X, WH20X, WB20TDR, WB30TDR, WT30X, WT40XK1 and WD30X

Honda water pumps with 3.5 h.p. and 5 h.p. OHV engines

Honda engines GC135, GC160, GC190, GCV190A, GCV530, GCV530U, GSV190A, GSV190LA, GX110, GX120, GX120T, GX120U, GX140, GX200, GX240, GX240K, GX270, GX340, GX340K, GX390, GX390K, GX610, GX620, GX640, GXV120, GXV140, GXV160, GXV160A, GXV160K, GXV160U, GXV160UH2, GXV200, GXV240, GXV270, GXV340, GXV340A1 GXV340K1, GXV340K2, GXV340T2, GXV340U, GXV340UT2, GXV390, GXV390A1, GXV390K1, GXV390T1, GXV390U, GXV390UA1, GXV520U, GXV530, GXV610, GXV620 and GXV670

Honda generators EB2500XK1, EG2500XK1, EM2500XK1, EB3500X, EB3500XK1, EG3500X, EB5000X, EB5000XK1, EB6500SX, EB11000, EG1400X, EG1400XK1, EG3500XK1, EM3500X, EG5000X, EG5000XK1, EM1800XK1, EM2500XKI, EM5000X, EM5000SXK1, EW140, EW171K1, EX3300S, EX3300SK1, EM3500SXK1, EX4500S and EX4500SK1
Honda EZ1400A generator with 4 h.p. OHV engine
Honda EZ2500A generator with 5.5 h.p. OHV engine
Honda EZ3500A generator with 8 h.p. OHV engine
Honda EZ5000A generator with 11 h.p. OHV engine

Honda lawn mowers HR194, HR195, HR214, HRA214, HR216, HRA216, HR216C, HRC216K1HXA, HRC216K1SXA, HS622TA and HS1132TA/TAS

Honda lawn mowers with 3.5 h.p., 4.5 h.p., 5.0 h.p., 5.5 h.p. and 11 h.p. OHV engines

Honda water pumps WB20XK1, WB30XK1, WDP20X, WDP30X, WH15XK1, WH20XK1, WD20XK1, WD30XK1, WP20X, WP30X and WMP20X

Honda water pumps with 4 h.p., 5.5 h.p., 8 h.p. and 11 h.p. OHV engines

Honda trash pumps WT3XK1, WT3XK2, WT20XK2, WT30X, WT30XK1, WT30XK2 and WT40XK1

Honda welder generators EW140, EW171 and EW171S

Honda LT624

Honda mowers HRC216K1SXA, HRC216K1HXA, HRC7013, HRC7018, HRC7020, HRC7113TXA, HTR3811 and H4013

Honda BF50 5 h.p. outboard motor
Honda BF5A 5 h.p. OHV 4-Stroke outboard motor

Honda tillers F401A, F401A2, F401AD, F401K1, F401K2, F501A1, F501A2, F501K1, F501K2, FG500A1, FR600, FR650, FR750 and FR800

Honda HP400 track carrier

Honda tractors H1011RSA, H1011SA, H1011HSA, H2013SDA, H2013HSA, H2113SDA, H2113HDA, H3011, H3013H, HTR3009, H4118HDA, H4120HDA, H4518H, H5013, H5013A2, H5013A4, H5518 and RT5000

Honda tractors and mowers with 18 h.p. and 20 h.p. v-twin engines


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