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McCulloch Spark Plugs

Champion Spark Plugs   |   McCulloch Parts

Champion Spark Plugs

Find Champion spark plug numbers for McCulloch equipment in the model list below. 

McCulloch Pro Mac BP4300 blower

McCulloch chainsaws 5-10A, 5-10G, LG-6, 6-10, 6-10A, S6-10A, 7-10A, CP-125, CP-125S, CP-70, CP-70L, G-70, SP80 , PM-60, SP-81, Mac 10 Series: 4-10, 5-10, Pro Mac 3800, 8200, Pro Mac 800, 850, SP-40, SP-60, SP105 and SP-125C

McCulloch blowers 280B, 320B, 320BV, BP325, Eager Beaver IV, Eager Beaver III, Mac III, Mac IV, Titan PB250, Titan PB280 and Titan PB380

McCulloch Eager Beaver backpack blowers and hand held blowers

McCulloch Pro Stream blowers

McCulloch Silver Eagle, Silver Eagle III, Silver Eagle IV and Silver Eagle V blowers

McCulloch Super Air Stream III and Super Air Stream IV blowers

McCulloch chainsaws 10-10A, PM55, 10-10L, S10-10, S10-10E, S10-10L, 895, PM-6A, PM570, Double Eagle 50 & 80, Eager Beaver 10, Eager Beaver 12, Eager Beaver 14, Eager Beaver 16, Eager Beaver 2.0, Eager Beaver 2.1, Eager Beaver 2.3, Eager Beaver 3.4, Eager Beaver 3.7, Mac 100, Mac 110, Mac 120, Mac 130, Mac 140, Mac 160S, Mac 4600, Mac 4900, Mac 5500, Mini Mac 25, Mini Mac 30, Mini Mac 35, Mini Mac 6A, CP-55, PH 390 & PM 690 Cuts-All, PM-6, P-10-10A, PM-105, Power Mac 310, Power Mac 320, Power Mac 330, Power Mac 340, Power Mac 380, Power Mac 390, Power Mac 410, Pro Mac 36, Pro Mac 40, Pro Mac 4700AV, Pro Mac 5000, Pro Mac 510, Pro Mac 555, Pro Mac 570, Pro Mac 5700AV, Pro Mac 5720, Pro Mac 605, Pro Mac 610, Pro Mac 650, Pro Mac 690, Pro Mac 700, 1000, 10-10S, S10-10LA; 795, 795L, 797, S797, S2-10A, SLG-2, 3-10, 3-10E, 10-10, Silver Eagle SE2818avs, Silver Eagle SE3020avs, Silver Eagle SE3420, Silver Eagle SE3720av, Timber Bear, Titan 7, Titan 35, Titan 40, Titan 50, Titan 57, Titan 70 and Wildcat 18

McCulloch engines EY18-3W , Horizontal Shaft MC2109, MC2110 and WT1-125V, Vertical Shaft MC2106, MC2108

McCulloch hedge trimmers Mac GHT17, GHT19, GHT22, Titan GHT24 and Titan GHT30

McCulloch trimmers Eager Beaver 280, Eager Beaver 282, Eager Beaver 285, Eager Beaver 287, Eager Beaver 325, Eager Beaver 327, Eager Beaver I, SX, Super, Eager Beaver II, SL, Eager Beaver III, Eager Beaver IV, SL, Mac 1385J, Mac 1385L, Mac 2380L, Mac 2815, Mac 2816, Mac 2816B, Mac 2817, Mac 2818, Mac 2825, Mac 2827, Mac 3225, Mac 3227, Mac 3227S, Mac 3227HD, Mac 284S, Mac 328GLE, Mac 65, Mac 80, 99, SL Trimmers, Pro Mac 3000, Pro Mac 4100, Pro Mac I, Pro Mac II, Pro Mac III Super, Pro Mac IV, Pro-Scaper 28S, Pro-Scaper 32HDS, Pro-Scaper I, Pro-Scaper II, Roadrunner I, Roadrunner II, Roadrunner III Trimmers, Silver Eagle 28, Silver Eagle 28c, Silver Eagle 29, Silver Eagle 32, McCULLOCH Silver Eagle 32bc, Silver Eagle 32bcs Dlx, Super Mac 80, Super Mac 85, Titan 3000, Titan 3900 and Titan GPO22

McCulloch engine models 77 and 99

McCulloch chainsaws 1.9, 2.3, Titan 560 and Titan 620

McCulloch generators RA120, RA150, RA200, RA330 and RA330ES

McCulloch GHT2024 and GHT2030 hedge trimmers

McCulloch trimmers Pro Mac 2320L, 2335J, 2635B, 2635GLE, Pro Mac 2635J, 3335L and 4335B

McCulloch Pro 600E and 800E generators

McCulloch CS340, CS380, CS410 Elite and CS450 Elite chainsaws

McCulloch chainsaws Eager Beaver 2000 Series, 2030, 2100, Eager Beaver 2100AV Series, 2250, Eager Beaver Super 2300AV Series, 2360, 2500, 2560HD, 2565AV, Mac 3200 Series, Mac 3500AV Series, Mac 3800AV Series, Mac Cat 16, Super 16AV, Mac Cat 18, Super 18AV, Pro Mac 380, Pro Mac 2025, Pro Mac 2500, Pro Mac 2510, Pro Mac 2560, Pro Mac 3205AV, Pro Mac 3505AV-16, Pro Mac 3805AV, Pro Mac 380, Pro Mac 8200AV, Silver Eagle SE2012, Silver Eagle SE2012b, Silver Eagle SE2014, Silver Eagle SE2014k, Silver Eagle SE2016, Silver Eagle SE2116, Silver Eagle SE2316, Silver Eagle SE2318

McCulloch chainsaws MS1432, MS1635, MS1635AV and MS1838AV

McCulloch Pro Mac PB250 blower

McCulloch GHT30 hedge trimmer

McCulloch trimmers Pro Mac 2025, Pro Mac 2035, Pro Mac 2045, Pro Mac 2510, Pro Mac 2560, Pro Mac 2560HD, Titan 2000, Titan 2030, Titan 2100, Titan 2250, Titan 2310, Titan 2360, Titan 2500, Titan 2560AV, Titan 2565AV, GLE2380 and GLE2580AV

McCulloch chainsaws 150 200, 250, S250, 300, 400, 550, S550, 650, 660, 940

McCulloch 7FP Fire Pump

McCulloch generators H-1500, H-2000, H-3000, HP-1200, HP-2000, HP-3000, HP-3500, HP-3500 Deluxe, HP-5000, HP-5000 Deluxe

McCulloch Mark I, II and III generators

McCulloch 49E go-kart

McCulloch Earth Auger 99

McCulloch outboard motors 14 H.P., 9 H.P., 9.5 H.P., 28 H.P. manual start, 45 H.P. electric start, 45 H.P. manual start, 75 H.P., 590 and 630

McCulloch push lawn mowers with Briggs & Stratton and Tecumseh engines
McCulloch push lawn mowers with Tecumseh engines

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