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Champion Spark Plugs

Find Champion spark plug numbers for Husqvarna equipment in the model list below.

Husqvarna 2100CDW chainsaw
Husqvarna Husky chainsaw models 22, 23 Compact, 35 and 37

Husqvarna blowers 145BT/BF, 155BT, 165BT and 225B/BX

Husqvarna chainsaws 435, 440e, 445, 445e, 450 and 450e

Husqvarna trimmers 18RL, 22R, 22RL, 25R, 25RL, 26LC, 26RLC, 32L, 32LC, 323c, 323E, 323EX, 323L, 326HD60X, 326HD75X, 326L, 326LDx, 326LS, 326Lx, 326Sx, 327HE3, 327HE4, 327LDX, 327LS, 327LX, 327P4, 327P5X, 327PT5S, 327RDX, 327RJX, 327RX, 32L, 32LC, 333R, 335FR, 335Rx, 336FR, 336FRD, 345F, 345FR, 345FX, 345FXT, 345R, 345RX, 356BF, 356BT, 524L, 525HF3S, 525LST, 525RJD, 525RJx, 525RK, 525RS, 525RX, 525RXT, 535LS, 535RJ, 535RX, 535RXT, HVT1200 and HVT1500

Husqvarna blowers 22HB, 28HBV and 4OB

Husqvarna chainsaws 140, 140S, 154, 160CD, 160SG, 162FE, 162FG, 162SE, 162SG, 163S, 163SE, 165, 165R, 180S, 181, 238, 240S, 240SE, 240SG, 1R, 16, 18, 22R, 22RL, 24, 25RL, 2101XP, 2405, 3120XP, 242XP, 244, 254XP/XPG, 257, 260CD, 250PS, 261, 260, 262XP/XPG, 263CD, 266SG, 266XP, 266SE, 268, 272XP/XPG, 280G, 281, 26RCL, 32R, 32, 32RCL, 165RX, 281XP, 288XP, 340SE, 340SG, 380CD, 285CD, 185CD, 1100CD, 2100CD, 3130, 288XP Lite, 365, 362XP, 372XP, 395XP, 335XPT, 380K, 380S, 480CD, 280S, 280CD, 340, 345, 350, 351, 346XP, 357XP, 359, 371XP/XPG, 394XP/XPG, 444, 444SE, 444SG, 444FE, 444FG, 480K, 65K, 160S, L65, 136, 141, B77, L77, Rancher 61, Rancher 65 and S77

Husqvarna Husky chainsaw models 246, A65, B65, 33, 34, 35VR, 36, 36R, 38, 39R, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 49, 50, 51, 55, 55 Rancher, 61, 65, 66, 77 and A77

Husqvarna trimmers 165RX, 225HP, 225L, 225H60, 225H75 225E, 235P, 250PS, 272S, 225H-60, 225H-75 , 225LD, 225L Lite, 225R, 225RD, 225RJ, 232L, 232R/RD/RJ, 235R, 240R, 23LC , 240RBD, 244RX, 245RX, 245R, 250RX, 265RX, 322C, 322L, 322E, 322R, 324HE4, 325HE3, 325HDA55, 325, 325C, 325CX, 325L/LX, 325EX, 325RX/RJX, 325HS75, 325HS99, 325P4, 32R, 32RLC, 39R, Iron Horse and PS-50

Husqvarna blowers 140B and 225HBV

Husqvarna hedge trimmers 25H and 26H

Husqvarna lawn tractors with Kawasaki 12.5 h.p. engines
Husqvarna lawn mowers with Kawasaki FD661D 4-Cycle OHV Horizontal V-Twin Liquid Cooled
with 3/8" reach heads 617cc 22hp engine
Husqvarna lawn mowers with Subaru/Robin 4-Cycle OHV single cylinder EH09 2.4hp engine

Husqvarna 325LX trimmer

Husqvarna blowers 122HB, 125B, 125BT, 125BVX and 132HBV

Husqvarna cut off saws 268K, 272K, 371K, 3120K

Husqvarna Flymo HVT40

Husqvarna lawn tractors with Kawasaki 17 h.p. OHV (V-Twin) engines

Husqvarna Pro 15 riding mower

Husqvarna snow blowers ST20 T, ST20E, ST21, ST21E, ST521, ST521E, ST522H with
Tecumseh 4.5hp and 5hp engines

Husqvarna tillers CT16A, CT20 and CT20A

Husqvarna trimmers 120L, 120R, 120LC, 122, 122L, 125L, 125LD, 125R, 125RJ, 132L, 132LD, 132R, 132RB, 132RJ, 132L, 132LD, 132R, 132RB, 132RJ, 18H, 21LCN, Mondo, Mondo Max and Mondo Mega trimmers

Husqvarna ATV models HUV4214G, HUV4414G and HUV4414GX with Briggs & Stratton
Vanguard 14hp engines

Husqvarna lawn mowers 510, 510MD, 560SR, 560H, 560HS, 580R, 580RS, 580RSW, 580RSE, 600C, 580BBC, 6522SH, 6522CH, 6521RS
Husqvarna lawn mowers with Briggs & Stratton 6 and 6.5 h.p. Intek OHV engines

Husqvarna 650CRT tiller with Briggs & Stratton 6.5 h.p. Intek engines
Husqvarna tillers CRT900 and CRT900L with Briggs & Stratton 900 Series engines

Husqvarna XT722FE lawn mower

Husqvarna lawn tractors GT200, GTH200, GTH220, GTH2250, GTH2550, GTH2554, GTH2754, GTH27V48LS, LT1538, LTH130, LTH145, LTH1742, LTH18538, LTH18542, LTH2248, YTH150, YTH160, YT180, YTH180, YTH1542, YTH1746, YTH1842, YTA19K42, YTH2042, YTH2046, YTH2048, YTH21K46, YTH2242, YTH22V42, YTH22V42LS, YTH22V46XLS, YTH2348, YTH23V48, YTH24K48 and YTH26V54
Husqvarna lawn tractors and riding mowers with Briggs & Stratton 13 and 16 h.p. Vanguard engines,
Briggs & Stratton 14.5 h.p. OHV engines and Briggs & Stratton 15.5, 17, 20, 22 and 25 h.p. Intek engines
Husqvarna lawn tractors and riding mowers with Kohler 12.5, 13, 14 and 15 h.p. OHV engines
Husqvarna lawn tractors with Kohler 18, 20, 22 and 25 h.p. (V-Twin) engines
Husqvarna lawn tractors with Kohler 26 h.p. (V-Twin) EFI engine

Husqvarna pressure washers PW3100 and PW3300 with Briggs & Stratton 250cc engine

Husqvarna seeders SD18B and SD22

Husqvarna snow blowers 11524E, 14527E, 1830EXL

Husqvarna DT18B and SD18B with Briggs & Stratton 5.5 h.p. Intek engines

Husqvarna 1200-18H riding mower
Husqvarna lawn tractors with Briggs & Stratton 18 and 20 h.p. Vanguard (V-Twin) engines
Husqvarna lawn tractors with Kohler 23 h.p. Aegis liquid cooled engine

Husqvarna lawn mowers 51MDT, 56HT, 56HST
Husqvarna lawn mowers with Tecumseh 6 h.p. engines

Husqvarna snow blowers with Tecumseh engines 8024STE, 9027STE, ST1030EC, ST523, ST523, ST623C, ST624E, ST723C, ST723R, ST724, ST824E, ST826E, ST826E, ST926EC and ST927E

Husqvarna aerators AR19B and AR25B

Husqvarna SD22 with Briggs & Stratton 12R800 Quantum L-Head Single Cylinder 5.5hp engine

Husqvarna dethatchers DT22BF, DT22BNR and DT22HNR

Husqvarna edgers LE309, LE359, LE389 and LE389HD

Husqvarna lawn mowers 50DK, 51, 56SF, 56SFE, 56DH, 56DHS, 56H, 56HS, 56SF, 56SFE, 6020MD, 6022CH, 6022SH, 6022CH, HD725E, Royal48, Royal53S
Husqvarna push lawn mowers with Briggs & Stratton 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6 h.p. engines

Husqvarna lawn tractors LR110, LR120, LR121, LT130 and LTH120

Husqvarna riding mowers 970-12S, 970-15S, 970H-15S, 980H15-B and ProFlex 21

Husqvarna tillers 700DRT, CRT35, CRT50, CRT51, CRT52, CRT53, CRT55, CRT81, CRT83, T225R, T255R and T300

Husqvarna HU625HWT trimmer

Husqvarna 8027STE snow blower with Tecumseh Snow King OHV 8hp engine

Husqvarna lawn mowers 510MDT, 560HT, 560HST
Husqvarna lawn mowers with Tecumseh 6 h.p. OHV engines

Husqvarna snow blowers 524STE, 5524SE, 5524ST and 8527SBE

Husqvarna 1130STE snow blower with Tecumseh Snow King 11hp

Husqvarna tillers 550CRTT and CRT61

Husqvarna aerators AR19 and AR25 with Honda GX120 3.5hp

Husqvarna dethatchers DT22, DT22BNR and DT22HNR with Honda 5.5hp

Husqvarna BE550 edger with Honda GX160 4.8hp

Husqvarna lawn mowers 7021P and 7021R with Honda GCV160 160cc engine

Husqvarna SD22 seeder with Honda 4-Cycle OHC Single Cylinder 163cc 5.5hp and Honda GX160 4.8hp

Husqvarna snow blowers with SnowKing 208cc, SnowKing 291cc and SnowKing 414cc engines
Husqvarna snow blowers ST111 136cc, ST121E LCT 208cc, ST131 208cc, ST151 208cc, ST224 208cc, ST227P 254cc, ST230P 291cc, ST324P 254cc, ST327P 291cc, ST330P 369cc and ST330T 414cc

Husqvarna sod cutter SC18 with Honda GX160 4.8hp

Husqvarna stump grinders SG13 with Honda GX390 11.7hp

Husqvarna 924HV snow blower with LCT 208cc engine

Husqvarna tillers CRT900LS, DRT900H, HD700L, HD800BBC, HD800HW, HDF900, RT900

Husqvarna aerators AR19H and AR25H with Honda 4hp

Husqvarna HUV4210GX ATV

Husqvarna dethatcher DT18H with Honda 5.5hp

Husqvarna stump grinders with Honda 13 h.p. OHV engine

Husqvarna lawn tractors and riding mowers with Kawasaki 14, 18, 21, 23 and 25 h.p. OHV engines
Husqvarna lawn tractors and riding mowers with Kawasaki Liquid-Cooled 27 h.p. engines
Husqvarna lawn tractors YTH1542XP (Kawasaki 15hp) and YTH1848XP

Husqvarna SC18H sod cutter with Honda 5.5hp

Husqvarna 500RTT tiller with Honda GC-Series 4-Cycle OHC Horizonal Single Cylinder GC160

Husqvarna 550CRTH tiller

Husqvarna lawn tractors and riding mowers with Kohler 18, 20 and 21 h.p. twin cylinder engines

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