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About the Tecumseh engine fuel system:

Aside from the carburetor, the fuel system uses a number of
important parts on Tecumseh engines. These parts include:
- The fuel tank, or gas tank, that serves to store the fuel and
keep it protected from dirt and water contamination.
- A gas cap which again protects the fuel and often serves to
vent the fuel tank.
- A rubber fuel line or reinforced neoprene fuel line that serves
to carry the fuel from the tank to carburetor.
- A fuel filter that is sometimes built into the gas tank at the
fuel outlet or an inline fuel filter located along the fuel hose or
line between the tank and the carburetor. Inline fuel filters are
available in a number of sizes and filtration capacities.
- Many larger displacement engines also have a fuel shut off
valve located along the fuel line. This fuel shut off valve serves
to prevent any leaking at the carburetor during storage and
enables fuel shut off for servicing the carburetor.

Many parts used in the fuel system for Tecumseh engines are
common among many models such as fuel line, filters and shut
off valves. It should however be noted that many fuel system
parts on larger equipment such as tractors are actually not
Tecumseh parts but are parts identified by equipment brand
part numbers.

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