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Tecumseh 632419 Fuel Pump OHM120 OHV13 OHV14 OHV15 OHV16 OHV125 OHV130 OHV135 OHV150 OV358EA OV490EA OV691EA OV691EP TVT691 VTX691

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 Part description: Tecumseh 632419 fuel pump  

Other part numbers:  

35787 / 35787A / 632419 fuel pump for Tecumseh OHM120, OHV13, OHV14, OHV15, OHV16, OHV125, OHV130, OHV135, OHV150, OV358EA, OV490EA, OV691EA, OV691EP, TVT691 and VTX691 engines.

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