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Mufflers used on Tecumseh engines serve two main purposes. The first and most obvious is reduction on engine noise. The second is to provide back pressure in the exhaust system that increases engine power and performance. Tecumseh mufflers on Snow King engines also use a climate guard that directs part of the heat emitted from the muffler around the carburetor to prevent fuel freezing. This is one reason why it is important to identify the correct muffler for your Tecumseh engine and application. While more than one muffler style may fit the same engine, not all would fit with the climate guard. Visual comparison is important in identifying the correct Tecumseh model part number for your engine.

Find Tecumseh mufflers by OEM part number in the muffler and exhaust parts list below.

26754A Exhaust Gasket  ECV100, H30, HS40, HS50, HSSK, LAV30, LAV35, LAV40, LAV50, LH195, TVS75 to TVS120  

27181B / 27181C / 30082A / 30996 Muffler  ECV100, LAV35, TVS75 to TVS120  

29633 Muffler  H, HH, HM100, TVM140, V, VH70, VM100  

30966 Muffler  H series, HSK series, LAV series  

32043B Muffler  HH100, HH120, OH120 to OH170, VH80, VH100  

32401 Muffler  H70, HH60, HH70, HSK70  

32985 Muffler  H50, H70, HM80, TVM195, V70, VM80  

33697A / 32648A / 35771 / 35771A Muffler  HS40, HS50, LAV40, LAV50, LH195, HSSK  

34185B / 33280A Muffler  HM80, HM90, TVM195, TVXL195  

35056 Muffler  HM series, HMSK series, LH series  

35172 Muffler  ECV100, TVS series  

35865 / 27930A Exhaust Gasket  H70 , HH60, HH70, HM80, HSK70, TVXL195, V70  

36542 Muffler  OH358, OHM120, OHSK, OHV, OV358, OV490  

36790A Muffler  LEV series, LV195  

37462 Muffler  LEV series  

37498 Muffler  LEV series, LV series  

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