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The most common gaskets found on Stihl equipment include a cylinder base gasket, crankcase gasket, exhaust gasket and a carburetor mount gasket. The cylinder base gasket is usually a paper felt or cork gasket and this gasket is important for maintaining crankcase pressure. Crankcase gaskets are usually paper felt and also maintain crankcase pressure along with sealing the two halves of the fuel and oil tanks on some models. Exhaust gaskets used on Stihl equipment are made from various materials including plain graphite and metal clad graphite. Carburetor gaskets on Stihl models are unique from many other brands in the use of a rubber boot between the carburetor and cylinder head on many models. Other Stihl models use a paper felt carburetor mount gasket.

Complete gasket sets are also available for most Stihl blowers, chainsaws, chop saws and trimmers. These gasket sets usually include all gaskets required for a complete rebuild of the specified model or models. This can also save money over purchasing all the gaskets individually.

1108 029 2300 Cylinder Base Gasket  TS08, TS350, TS360  

1111 007 1051 Gasket Set  TS760  

1111 029 2300 Cylinder Base Gasket  TS510  

1111 029 2301 Cylinder Base Gasket  TS760  

1120 029 2301 Cylinder Base Gasket  009  

1120 029 2302 Cylinder Base Gasket  009, 010, 011  

1120 149 0601 Exhaust Gasket  009, 010, 011  

4221 007 1050 Gasket Set  TS460  

4223 007 1050 Gasket Set  TS400  

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