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Stihl 4201 141 0300 Air Filter TS360 TS350 TS50 TS08

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Stihl 4201 141 0300 air filter for Stihl TS08, TS50, TS350, TS350AVE and TS360 Cutquik cut off saws. Fits older TS510 and TS760 with two screw air filter cover.

Stihl TS360 TS350 TS50 TS08 Air Filter 4201 141 0300

Part description: Stihl 4201 141 0300
Air Filter  

Other part numbers:  
4201 140 1805  

Replacement air filter for Stihl models:  
TS08, TS50, TS350, TS350AVE,
TS360 Cutquik cut off saw models  

Old style TS510 and TS760 models
with two screw cover

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