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Stihl 4180 120 1800 Air Filter FS87 FS90 FS110 FS130 FC90 FC100 FC110 HL90 HL100 HT100 HT101 HT130 HT131 KM100 KM110

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Part description: Stihl 4180 120 1800 Air Filter  

3" long  

2 5/8" wide  

3/4" thick  

Replacement air filter for Stihl models:  

FC90, FC100 and FC110 edger models  

FS87, FS90, FS110, FS130 trimmer models  

HL90 and HL100 hedge trimmer models  

HT100, HT101, HT130, HT131 hedge trimmer models  

KM100 and KM110 KombiEngine models 

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