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Stihl 4128 350 0505 Fuel Cap FS56 FS66 FS72 FS74 FS76 FS81 FS85R FS86 FS88 FS106 FS108 FS120 FS200 FS250 FS300 FS350 FS400 FS450 FS480 FC72 FC75 FC85

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Part description: Stihl 4128 350 0505 fuel cap  

1 9/16" O.D.  

Other part numbers:  
4128 350 0504  

Replacement fuel gas cap for Stihl models:  
FC72, FC75, FC85, FS56, FS66, FS72, FS74, FS76, FS81, FS85R, FS86, FS88,
FS106 FS108, FS120, FS120R, FS200, FS200R, FS250, FS250R, FS300,
FS350, FS400, FS450 and FS480

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