AYP (American Yard Products) Parts


American Yard Products, also known as AYP, is a large manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment and tools. The AYP brand is not highly recognized by consumers, however many models of lawn and garden equipment is manufactured by AYP and re-branded with other famous names. Examples would include lawn mowers and tractors branded with Poulan, McCulloch, Sears Craftsman, Weed Eater and more. Often you must use AYP part numbers when ordering parts for equipment bearing these brand names.


Air Filters (by engine brand)



Blades and Adaptors  



Carburetor Parts (by engine brand)

Carburetors (by engine brand)

Electrical System Parts  

Engine - Briggs & Stratton Parts  

Engine - Honda Parts  

Engine - Kohler Parts  

Engine - Tecumseh Parts  

Fuel System Parts  

Gaskets (by engine brand)

Ignition Parts (by engine brand)

Oil Filters  


Snow Blower Parts  

Spark Plugs  

Spindles and Spindle Parts  




Miscellaneous AYP Parts  

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