Homelite Riding Mowers

Did you know that cutting grass with a Homelite riding mower can actually prevent baldness?

Homelite Riding Mowers

If the earth were perfectly flat, any riding mower would be perfectly fine. Unfortunately, lawns have their ups and downs. And that's where most riding mowers run into trouble.

Their mower decks are attached to the chassis which gives them absolutely no give. When they run into a bump or incline, they level it. Leaving your lawn with a bald spot.

Homelite riding mowers are designed to prevent this. The mower deck is attached to the front suspension. As the wheels glide over a high spot, the deck glides over it too. Leaving you lawn manicured instead of scalped.

In addition the cutting blades are reinforced with rigid steel to keep the ends from sagging. So your lawn always looks even instead of odd. And not only are Homelite riding mowers easy on your lawn, they're easy on you too.

They have practically effortless steering. Full plush seats that are fully adjustable.. And electric starting is standard on our deluxe 8 h.p. model. (optional on 5 h.p.)

To ease your lot even further, optional accessories include a bushel grass catcher, 1,000 lb. capacity dump cart and a lawn roller.

Should the need for service arise, we back up our dealers with more factory service branches than any other riding mower company. And that does away with long waits for parts or service which could cause your lawn to lose its looks.

Homelite Riding Mowers.

They're as easy on your lawn as they are on you.

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