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Stihl Eliminates Vibration 08S S10 E15

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The power chainsaws appearing on these pages with an asterisk all have Stihl AV handles. The AV stands for antivibration, and the handle is an exclusive Stihl invention that absorbs the vibrations from chain and engine to cut muscle fatigue as you're cutting wood. Lets you cut more with less effort.

Stihl 08S S10 E15

Stihl 08S
A versatile lightweight saw with a big output that makes it perfect for farm or forest. Its powerhead is also designed to drive the variety of attachments listed below.

Fur use with 08S powerhead - Brush Cutters - with Circular Saw or Rotary Knife... Post Hole Digger - a two man earth auger... Crumbler Tool - for plant hole digging... One-man Auger for drilling into wood, ice or ground.

Stihl S10
A real general purpose saw for farmers, nurserymen, people with a "second home" and "do-it-yourself-ers". Simple and foolproof to operate and easy to handle.

Stihl E15
A powerful lightweight electric chainsaw that plugs into standard 110/220 v current outlets to give you smooth 1.9 kw performance. Available with 13" or 16" bars and maintenance kit. 

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