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Zama RB-39 Carburetor Kit

Zama Carburetor Parts   |   Zama Carburetor Repair Manual

Part description: Zama RB-39 carburetor kit for complete rebuild and repair.

Zama RB-39 carburetor kit for McCulloch Eager Beaver 2010, Eager Beaver 2014, Eager Beaver 2016, Eager Beaver 2116, Eager Beaver 2118, Eager Beaver 2316, Mac 3210, Mac 3214, Mac 3216, Mac 3516, Mac 3816, Mac 3818, MacCat 16, MacCat 18, MacCat Super, MacCat Super 16, MacCat Super 18, PowerMac 145-14, PowerMac 225-16, ProMac 3205, ProMac 3205-14, ProMac 3505, ProMac 3805, Silver Eagle 2012-S, Silver Eagle 2014-S, Silver Eagle 2016-S, Silver Eagle 2116 and Silver Eagle 2318.

Replacement carburetor repair kit for Zama models:  
C1Q-H14, C1Q-H14A, C1Q-H14B, C1Q-H19, C1Q-H19A, C1Q-H19B, C1Q-H19C, C1Q-H27, C1Q-H32, C1Q-H32A, C1Q-M27, C1Q-M27A, C1Q-M27B, C1Q-M27C, C1Q-M27D, C1Q-M28, C1Q-M28A, C1Q-M28B, C1Q-M28C, C1Q-M28D, C1Q-M33, C1Q-M33A, C1Q-M33B, C1Q-M33C, C1Q-M33D, C1Q-M36, C1Q-M36A and C1Q-W2A  

For gasket and diaphragm kit use Zama GND-27 or GND-35 as per application chart.

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