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Zama RB-31 Carburetor Kit Stihl 034 036 MS340 MS360

Zama Carburetor Parts   |   Zama Carburetor Repair Manual

Part description: Zama RB-31 carburetor kit for complete rebuild and repair.

Replacement carburetor repair kit for Zama models:  
C3A-S4A, C3A-S4B, C3A-S4C, C3A-S19, C3A-S25, C3A-S26, C3A-S27, C3A-S27A, C3A-S27B, C3A-S27C, C3A-S27D, C3A-S31, C3A-S31A, C3A-S31B, C3A-S31C, C3A-S31D, C3A-S31E, C3A-S38, C3A-S38A, C3A-S38B, C3A-S39, C3A-S39A, C3A-S39B, C3A-S52 and C3A-S65  

10 piece Zama RB-31 carburetor kit for Stihl 034, 034 Super, 036, 036 Pro, 036 QS, MS340 and MS360. Includes needle, inlet lever, pin, spring and welch plugs.

For gasket and diaphragm kit use Zama GND-21.

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