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Zama diaphragm and gasket kits are identified by the first letters GND which stands for gasket and diaphragm. These kits do not contain items such as needles, levers or welch plugs which are required for a complete carburetor rebuild. Instead these kits only contain parts such as the metering diaphragm, pump diaphragm and gaskets. Often a complete rebuild is not necessary to correct a malfunctioning carburetor and replacing the diaphragms and gaskets is sufficient to repair the fault. Determining the level of repair and part replacement usually requires disassembly and inspection of the carburetor.

To identify the required Zama gasket and diaphragm kit number for your carburetor refer to the charts on our site. Visual confirmation of the type and model numbers located on the carburetor is also recommended.

To find your diaphragm kit, first download the: 

Zama carburetor identification chart  

After you have found your carburetor model number, find your diaphragm kit number (GND) in one of the carburetor to kit cross reference charts below:  

2009 Zama carburetor to kit chart

Older carburetor to kit chart  

GND-1 Diaphragm and Gasket Kit  

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