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Starters used on Tecumseh engines vary from pull cord recoil styles used as the only starting method on most smaller displacement engines; to 12 volt and 120 volt electric starters used on larger displacement engines. Many larger engines also incorporate both styles. In both recoil and electric starters there are numerous designs used on various Tecumseh engine models.

The main components of the recoil starter are: 
- The housing which usually bolts on to the engine shroud on most Tecumseh engines. 
- A starter pulley that serves as a means of guiding and rewinding the pull rope. 
- A coiled rewind spring that attaches to both the starter pulley and housing; and provides force though spring tension to retract the pull rope. 
- A casing attached to both the starter pulley and housing though the center which holds the starter pawls. Starter pawls serve as hooks that catch the starter cup which is bolted to the flywheel and provide a mechanical connection between the starter and the crankshaft. 
- A starter pull cord rope that is available in many sizes based on the size of the engine. 
- A starter handle which attaches to the outer end of the pull cord rope and is also available in many shapes and sizes.

The main components of the electric starter are: 
- The housing which is either cylindrical or irregular square shaped and serves to hold the other components of the starter. Some housings bolt to the engine crankcase though an external bracket while others have bolt holes built into the drive cap. 
- A shaft and armature that passes through the housing and both end caps. 
- Starter brushes and spring loaded holder that attaches to the housing and allows the brushes to contact the armature. 
- A spring loaded gear mechanism that extends and retracts the gear to engage the starter with the ring gear on the flywheel. 
- An attached switch, plug and cable that is only used on 120 volt models.

Repair of both styles of Tecumseh starters depends on individual experience and capabilities; however replacement of the entire starter on Tecumseh engines is not a complicated procedure. For more information on Tecumseh starter repair and model application refer to the parts lookup and repair manuals sections on our site.

Find Tecumseh starter and parts by OEM part number in the starter parts list below. 


33290D / 33290E Starter  H30 to H35, HS40 to HS50, HSSK40 to HSSK50, LH models, OH195, OHSK  

33328D / 33328E Starter  H50 to H70, HSK50 to HSK70, HH60, HMSK105, TVM125 to TVM140, 7 HP Snow King engines  

33432 Starter Drive Gear  H50 to H70, HSK50 to HSK70, HH60, HMSK105, TVM125 to TVM140, 7 HP Snow King engines  

33607A / 29316 Starter  H35, HS50, OH, OHH  

33835 / 32817 / 32510 Starter  OH120, OH140, OH160, OH180, HH models, VH models  

33844 Starter Drive Gear  OH120, OH140, OH160, OH180, HH models, VH models  

35709 Starter  LEV, LV195, OVRM, TVS  

36086 Starter  VLV55, VLV65  

36463 / 36680 Starter  HM, HMSK, OH, OHM, OHSK, OHV13, OVXL120, OVXL125, TVM, TVXL220  

36795 / 36264 Starter  OHV14, OHV15, OHV16, OHV17, OHV135, OHV140, OHV145, OHV150, OHV155, OHV160, OHV165, OHV170, OHV175, OHV180, OV490EA  

37000 / 33329D / 33329E Starter  HM70, HM80, HM85, HM90, HM100, HMSK70, HMSK80, HMSK85, HMSK90, HMSK100, (8, 10, and 12 HP Snow King engines), LH models, OHM110  

37284 Starter  OV691EA, OV691EP, TVT691, VTX691  

37425 / 36914 Starter  OHV110, OHV115, OHV120, OHV125, OHV130, OV358, OHV358EA  

590414 Recoil Starter Spring  635, 650, 670, H35 to H70, LAV35 to LAV50, TVM125 to TVM140, TVS90, V50 to V70  

590420 / 590420A Recoil Starter  AH600, AV520, ECV, LAV, H, HH, HS25 to HS40, HXL35, OVRM40, TVS, TVXL105  

590556 Starter  AH600, HSK600, HSK635, TH098  

590670 / 590653 / 590650 Starter  HSK800, HSK840, TH139  

590685B / 590633 / 590593 Recoil Starter  HHM80, HM80, TVM195, TVXL  

590732A / 590472 / 590738 / 590673 / 590666 Recoil Starter  AV520, H30, H35, H40, H50, H60, HS40, HS50, HXL840, LEV90, LEV100, LEV115, LEV120, LV148, LV156, LV195, OH195, OHH60, OVRM50, OVRM60, OVRM65, OVRM105, OVRM120, TVM125, TVM140, TVS90, TVS100, TVS105, TVS115, TVS120, TVS600, TVXL840, VLV50, VLV55, VLV60, VLV126  

590737 / 590686 / 590621 Recoil Starter  AV520, H30, LEV100, LEV105, LEV115, LEV120, LV, OVRM105, TVS90 to TVS120, TVXL840, VLV, Sears ECV100  

590739 / 590702 / 590637 Recoil Starter  AV600, LEV80, LEV100, LEV115, LEV120, LEV150, LV195EA, OV195EA, OV195XA, ORVM60, OVRM65, OVRM105, OVRM120, TVS90, TVS100, TVS115, TVS120, TVS600, ULT60,  VLV60, VLV65, VLV66, VLV126  

590742 / 590787 / 590707 / 590648 Recoil Starter  AV520, AV600, H35, HSK40, HSK60, HSK70, HSSK40, HSSK50, HSSK55, LH195, TV085, 4HP to 5.5HP Snow King engines  

590745 Recoil Starter  HSK850, TH139  

590748 / 590788 / 590671 / 590746 Recoil Starter  HM80, HM90, HM100, LH318XA, LH358EA, OH195, OH318, OHH50, OHH55, OHH60, OHH65, TVM220  

590749 / 590749A / 590789 Recoil Starter  HMSK80, HMSK90, HSMK100, 8HP, 9HP and 10HP Snow King engines, OHSK55, OHSK70, OHSK120  

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