Ryobi Chainsaw Chain

Chainsaw Chain

Always match your sprocket and bar to the pitch and gauge of your replacement chain. Take note that some Ryobi chainsaw models may use a different chain type depending on the year and serial number.

Find Ryobi chainsaw chain by Oregon part number in the chain look up below. Specifications and sizes are based on OEM bar and sprocket requirements. Aftermarket chainsaw bars and sprockets may use different chain sizes.

8" R34 Chain  PP720R  

10" R40 Chain  CS1800 (18 volt cordless), P542, RY52003, RY52003A, RY52604, RY52907, TP30, ZR15520 Expand-it Prunner  

14" S52 Chain  RY43006  

16" S56 Chain  RY43006  

18" H72 Chain  RY10518, RY10519, RY10520, RY10520  

18" S62 Chain  RY10532, RY43006, ZRRY10532  

20" H78 Chain  RY10518, RY10519, RY10520, RY10520  

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