Neoprene Fuel Line

Neoprene fuel line has been used in small engine applications for many years. Due to its larger diameters, neoprene is used primarily in larger equipment applications. Neoprene has many advantages over traditional rubber only fuel line including:  
- better durability  
- commonly reinforced for extra strength  
- higher oil and gas resistance  

Neoprene fuel line applications:  
Lawn mowers  
Lawn tractors  
Snow throwers  
and other large power equipment  

Sizes available for small engine applications:  

1/4" I.D.  x  1/2" O.D.  

5/16" I.D.  x  1/2" O.D.  

7/16" I.D.  x  5/8" O.D.  

Neoprene fuel line is available in many roll lengths including 25', 50', 100' and 200'.  

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