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Makita BHX2500CA - DOLMAR PB-251.4 Blower

Makita / Dolmar Parts

Makita DOLMAR PB-251.4 Blower
Dolmar PB-251.4 Blower Specifications:  
Displacement: 24.5 cc Four Stroke Makita
Horse Power: 1.1  
Weight: 10.4 lbs  
Fuel Tank Size: 0.52 liters  
Maximum Air Volume: 320 cfm  
Maximum Air Speed: 150 mph  
Sound Level: 65 db

Makita BHX2500CA / Dolmar PB-251.4 Blower features:  
• Powerful and smooth running OHV 4-stroke engine  
• Low fuel consumption compared with low emissions  
• Blows leaves, dirt, waste and even powder snow  
• Blow pipe with fish tail nozzle as serial equipment  
• Automatic decompression valve system for easy starting  
• Easy oil inspection and oil change due to easy access  
• Sliding spark plug cover for easy access  
• Rubber coated handle for reducing hand-arm vibration  
• Low housing width thanks to optimized impeller design  
• Low engine and wind noise for comfortable working  
• Suction Device (optional) converts the unit to a vacuum unit  

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