Homelite UP04134 UP06605 Trigger BC730SBR D630CD D730CDV D830CA D830CB D830SB D830SBA D830SD S825CDV S825SDV ST725CBR ST725CDR ST730SDR Z625CD Z725CA Z725CB Z725CDV Z825SD Z830SB Z830SBA

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Part description: Homelite UP04134 trimmer trigger  

Other part numbers:  

Replacement trigger for Homelite
trimmer models:  
BC730SBR  UT-15113-R  
D630CD  UT-20622  
D730CDV  UT-20620  
D830CA  UT-20642  
D830CB  UT-15109 and UT-15109-1  
D830SB  UT-15108 and UT-15108-1  
D830SBA  UT-15115  
D830SD  UT-20621  
S825CDV  UT-20632 and UT-20632-A  
S825SDV  UT-20633  
ST725CBR  UT-15114-R  
ST725CDR  UT-20635-R  
ST730SDR  UT-20637-R  
Z625CD  UT-20617 and UT-20617-A  
Z725CA  UT-20643  
Z725CB  UT-15107 and UT-15107-1  
Z725CDV  UT-20623  
Z825SD  UT-20619-A 
Z830SB  UT-15106 and UT-15106-1 
Z830SBA  UT-15116

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