Fram PH5046 Oil Filter

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Fram PH5046 oil filter application chart  
Bobcat 100
CASE 1825B with Kubota V1505 engine
CASE 460
CASE Maxi-Sneaker C
John Deere 244E
John Deere 650 with Yanmar diesel engine
John Deere 750 with Yanmar engine
John Deere 84 with Yanmar engine
Kohler 8CCO with Yanmar engine
Komatsu PC05-1 with 3D72-1 engine
Komatsu PC10-2, PC10-3 with 3D72-1 engine
Komatsu PC10-2, PC10-3 with 3D75-1 engine
Komatsu PC20, PC30 with Yanmar 3TN84 engine
Komatsu PC20-5 with Yanmar 3D84-1 engine
Komatsu PC20-6 with Yanmar 3D84-1 engine
Komatsu PC30-5 with Yanmar 3D84-1 engine
Komatsu PC30-6 with 3D84-1G Komatsu engine
Komatsu PC30-6 with Yanmar 3D84-1 engine
Komatsu PW20-1, PW30-1 with 3D84-1 engine
Komatsu WA30-2 with 3D84-1 engine
Takeuchi TB10S with Yanmar engine
Takeuchi TB15
Takeuchi TB25, TB025 with Yanmar engine
Takeuchi TB35S with Yanmar engine
Takeuchi TB800 with Yanmar engine
Thermo King HK
Thermo King KD-II, KD-II Max with TK 3.66 engine
Thermo King KD-II, KD-II Max, KD-II SR
Thermo King LND, LR
Thermo King MD, MD-I, MD-II, MD-II MAX, MD-II SR
Thermo King RD-I, RD-II, RD-II SR
Thermo King SDZ
Thermo King TD-I, TD-II, TD-II MAX, TD-II SR
Yanmar 2/3T72HLE
Yanmar 2QM20
Yanmar 2T72HLE
Yanmar 2T75HLE
Yanmar 2T90LE
Yanmar 3HM
Yanmar 3HM35
Yanmar 3HM35F
Yanmar 3HMF
Yanmar 3QM
Yanmar 3QM30
Yanmar 3T72HA
Yanmar 3T72HLE
Yanmar 3T75HA
Yanmar 3T75HLE
Yanmar 3T80LE
Yanmar 3T84HLE-G1
Yanmar 3T84HLE-S1
Yanmar 3T90LE
Yanmar YM169, YM169D with 3T72HA engine
Yanmar YM180, YM180D, YM186, YM186D with 3T72HA engine
Yanmar YM187, YM187D
Yanmar YM220, YM220D with 3T72HA engine
Yanmar YM226, YM226D with 3T72HA engine
Yanmar YM276, YM276D with 3T84HA engine
Yanmar YM336, YM336D with 3T84A-N engine

Fram PH5046 cross reference chart  
AC-Delco Pf1051
Baldwin B168
Baldwin B247
Baldwin Bk6806
Big A 92064
Big A 92318
Big A 92568
Carquest 85318
Carquest 85568
CASE 125282a1
Casite Cf2849
Champ Ph2802
Crosland 2025
Delphi Fx1000
Fleetguard Lf3361
Fleetguard Lf3536
Fleetguard Mk13121
Fleetrite Lfr-83361
Hastings Lf148
John Deere Ch10467
John Deere T113883
Komatsu Ym171056-35110
Komatsu Ym171056-35111
Kralinator L60a
Luber-Finer Lfp5522
Melroe 6640709
Mobil Mo4459
Motorcraft Fl803
Napa 1318
Napa 1568
Purolator L24458
Quaker State Qs14461
Quaker State Qs3593a
Shell Sh520
Shell Sh521
Sierra 18-7917
Takeuchi 124550-35110
Thermo-king 11-5522
Thermo-king 11-5712
Thermo-king 11-6182
WIX 51318
WIX 51568
Yanmar 124450-35110
Yanmar 124550-35110
Yanmar 171056-35110
Yanmar 171056-35111

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