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Fram PH2951 oil filter application chart  
Allmand Maxi Lite with Lister ST-1 engine
Allmand Maxi Lite with Lister ST-2 engine
Asuna Sunrunner L4 1.6 (1992 - 1993)
Caterpillar 2C3000
Caterpillar 2C3500
Caterpillar 2C4000
Caterpillar 2C5000
Caterpillar 2C5500
Caterpillar 2C6000
Caterpillar 2C6500
Caterpillar 2CC4000
Caterpillar 2P3000
Caterpillar 2P3500
Caterpillar 2P4000
Caterpillar 2P5000
Caterpillar 2P5500
Caterpillar 2P6000
Caterpillar 2P6500
Caterpillar 2P7000
Caterpillar 2PC4000
Caterpillar C3000 with Nissan K21 engine
Caterpillar C3000 with Nissan K25 engine
Caterpillar C3500 with Nissan K21 engine
Caterpillar C3500 with Nissan K25 engine
Caterpillar C4000 with Nissan K21 engine
Caterpillar C4000 with Nissan K25 engine
Caterpillar C5000 with Nissan K21 engine
Caterpillar C5000 with Nissan K25 engine
Caterpillar C5500 with Nissan K21 engine
Caterpillar C5500 with Nissan K25 engine
Caterpillar C6000 with Nissan K21 engine
Caterpillar C6000 with Nissan K25 engine
Caterpillar C6500 with Nissan K21 engine
Caterpillar C6500 with Nissan K25 engine
Caterpillar CC4000 with Nissan K21 engine
Caterpillar CC4000 with Nissan K25 engine
Chevrolet Nova L4 1.6 (1985 - 1988)
Chevrolet Tracker V6 2.5 (2001 - 2004)
Exmark Midsize Walker 48 with Kawasaki engine
Exmark Turf Ranger 52 with Kawasaki engine
Exmark Turf Tracer 52 with Kawasaki engine
Exmark Turf Tracer with Kawasaki 15 hp engine
Ford 1120
Ford 1210
Ford 1215
Ford 1220
Ford 1310
Ford CL25
Ford CM222, CM224, CM272, CM274 with Ford Industrial engine
Ford GT65, GT75 diesel
Ford LGT14D, LGT16D
Generac 9343-1
Grasshopper 720 with Onan Performer P220G 20 hp Twin
Grasshopper 721, 725 with Kubota engine
Grasshopper 721D with Kubota diesel engine
Lugger M643
Lugger M673
Lugger M753
Lugger M753G
Lugger NL643
Lugger NL753
Massey Ferguson 1010 Compact Series
Massey Ferguson 1433 Tractor, 1433V Tractor with Iseki diesel engine
Massey Ferguson 1433 with TractorIseki diesel engine
Massey Ferguson 1433V with TractorIseki diesel engine
New Holland L255
Nissan C4000
Nissan C5000
Nissan P4000
Nissan P5000
Nissan P6000
Northern Lights ISM 753 with Cummins ISM diesel engine
Northern Lights M643, M673
Northern Lights M753, M753G, M753K
Northern Lights NL643
Northern Lights NL673
Northern Lights NL753, NL753G, NL753K
Perkins M20
Perkins M25
Perkins M30
Pontiac Sunrunner L4 1.6 (1994 - 1997)
Suzuki Grand Vitara V6 2.5 (1999 - 2005)
Suzuki Grand Vitara V6 2.7 (2001 - 2008)
Suzuki Samurai L4 1.3 (1985 - 1989)
Suzuki Sidekick L4 1.6 (1989 - 1994)
Suzuki Swift L4 1.3 (1990 - 1994)
Suzuki Vitara V6 2.5 (2004 - 2004)
Suzuki XL - 7 V6 2.7 (2002 - 2006)
Toro Reelmaster 2600D with Perkins engine
Toyota Camry L4 2.0 (1983 - 1987)
Toyota Celica L4 2.0 (1986 - 1987)
Toyota Corolla L4 1.6 (1983 - 1987)
Toyota MR2 L4 1.6 (1985 - 1987)
Toyota Tercel L4 1.5 (1980 - 1986)
Westerbeke 6.5G
Westerbeke 9
Westerbeke BCG 4.0
Westerbeke BCG 6.4

Fram PH2951 cross reference chart  
AC-Delco Pf1233
AC-Delco Pf1245
AC-Delco Pf2056
AC-Delco Pf2246
AC-Delco Pf54
Agco 3710280m2
Alaska Diesel Electric 1sm140516160
Allis-chalmers 721014983
Amsoil Asf84
Amsoil Eao09
Atlas M-54
Atlas M-64
Auto Extra 61851391
Autoedge Al2951
Autolite Al4967
Baldwin B131
Baldwin B159
Baldwin B7049
Beck/Arnley 041-8081
Beck/Arnley 041-8150
Big A 92366
Big A 92625
Big A 92785
Bosch 72130
Bosch 72177
Bosch 72178
Bosch Premium 3311
Canadian Tire 17-1708-4
Canadian Tire 17-1887-6
Carcare Iof2951
Carquest 85360
Carquest 85366
Carquest 85625
Carquest 85785
Carquest B241
Carquest B2821a
Casite Cf2951
Castrol Cas4967
Caterpillar 3i-1191
Cenex Co2812a
Cenex Co2858
Cenex Co2859
Champ Ph2821a
Champ Ph2858
Champ Ph2859
Champion Of19
Citgo C2821a
Crosland 366
Defense Dl2951
Denso 115010-1220
Denso 150-1012
Deutsch D375
Deutsch D433
Deutsch D499
Donaldson P502069
Donaldson P550534
Dynalife Cn-2951
Econo Lube L22821
Evergard E2858
Evergard E4476
Facet 346
Fiaam Ft4933
Filters Incorporated Of2951
Firestone Tf-2951
Flag C-2951a
Flag C-3614
Flag C-4967
Fleetguard Hf6158
Fleetguard Lf16115
Fleetguard Lf3495
Fleetguard Lf3690
Fleetrite Lfr-83495
Flying F Ph4967
Ford F0nn-6714-ba
Ford Sba140516180
Fram High Mileage Oil Filters Hm2951
Fram Pro Series Fp2951
Fram Tough Guard TG2951
FVP F2840
Gehl 611990
Generac 12670939
General Motors 25011704
General Motors 25014441
General Motors 91176162
General Motors 94840078
General Motors 94842810
General Motors 96058042
Goodyear L2951
Grand Prix Ph2811
Grand Prix Ph2858
Grand Prix Ph2859
Grease Monkey Gm22821
Grease Monkey Gm2951
Group 7 V2821a
Hastings B7049
Hastings Lf384
Hastings Lf384f
Hastings Lf400
Hastings Lf417
Iapco A-0261-018
Iapco Of305
Iapco Of48
Iapco Of50
Installer Edge Al2951
International Parts Services 4-1092
IPD 10112
ISM 140516180
ITM 11-11500
ITM 11-11517
ITM 111-0102
ITM 111-1500
Jiffy Lube Hl2951
Jiffy Lube Jl2821a
Jiffy Lube L22821
John Deere Am101001
John Deere Am101054
John Deere Am105172
K-Mart K-34
K-Mart Mp-41
Kawasaki 49065-2001
Kawasaki 49065-2057
Kawasaki 49065-2062
Kendall K22
Lazorlite L11-1244
Lazorlite L11-1473
Lee Lf-2821a
Lee Lf-2821hp
Luber-Finer Lfp8176
Luber-Finer Ph2812a
Luber-Finer Ph2821a
Luber-Finer Ph2858
Luber-Finer Ph2859
Lucas Girling F6505
Lugger 24-02001
Mann Filter Ml1027
Mann Filter W68/80
Mann Filter W814/98
Marathon Ph2821
Marathon-Letourneau Ph2821
Massey-Ferguson 3283341-m1
Massey-Ferguson 3704178m1
Massey-Ferguson 3710280m1
Master Parts Ph-2821
Master Parts Ph-2821a
Mechanics Circle Mof2951
Microgard Mgl4967
Mighty M2951
Mighty Ph2858
Mileguard Mo2951
Mileguard Mo4967
Mobil Mo2821a
Mobil 1 M1-102
Mobil 1 M1-103
Mobil 1 M1-103a
Motorcraft Fl840
MPA 2612
MPA 2951
Napa 1360
Napa 1366
Napa 1391
Napa 1625
Napa 1785
Napa 7094
Nissan 15208-01b01
Nissan 15208-01b02
Nissan 15208-01b0b
Nissan 15208-01b10
Nissan 15208-01b15
Nissan 31725-l1000
OE+ Of-252
OE+ Of-854
OE+ Of-856
Omc 5033539
Omc 778886
Parts Plus Ph2840
Pennzoil Pz-26
Pentius Plb2951a
Performax Po-26
Perkins 140516180
Perkins 140516190
Pit Stop Psl22
Power Flo Sl10241
Power Flo Sl14477
Power Flo Sl22821
Precision Tune Of-121
Premium Guard Pg2821a
Premium Guard Pg4476
Premium Guard Pg4477
Pro/Gauge Pgo-2821a
Promatch 973354
Promotive Sl10241
Pronto Po-2951a
Pronto Po-4476
Pureone Purolator Pl14476
Pureone Purolator Pl22821
Purflux Ls188b
Purflux Ls451a
Purolator L22821
Quaker State Qs2951
Safety Kleen 151
Security Ph2858
Security Ph2859
Security So2858
Select 500 L1625
Service Pro M2821a
Shell Sh29
Sieg Os2951
Sierra 18-7897
STP S4967
Sunoco O-25
Supertech St2951
Supertech St4967
Suzuki 16510-73002
Suzuki 16510-82703
Suzuki 16510-83010
Suzuki 16510-83011
Suzuki 16510-83012
Suzuki 16510-85fa0
Target Comp Sf2821a
Toyota 00120-00010
Toyota 15000-13051
Toyota 15600-13051
Toyota 15601-13010
Toyota 15601-13011
Trust Ph2821a
Trust Ph2858
Ultra Xg2951
Valutest V2374
Valvoline Vo-40
Valvoline Vo-40bp
Valvoline Vo-48
Vera 10-00082
Vera 10-00926
Vera 10-01394
Vera 10-01469
Vera 10-50926
Viper 2951
Wako Industrial Lo-425k
Walmi Ws-2951
Warner Ph2821
Warner Ph2821a
Warner Ph2840
Warner Ph2858
Warner Ph2859
Westerbeke 35595
Western Auto 74-5891-2
WIX 51366
WIX 51391
WIX 51394
WIX 51625

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