Fram PH2883 Oil Filter

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Fram PH2883 oil filter application chart  
Fiat 150C
Fiat 200C
Fiat 673M
Fiat 673N
Fiat-Allis FD10C
Fiat-Allis FD20 with Fiat 8215 engine
Fiat-Allis FE20 with Fiat 8365 engine
Fiat-Allis FE40, FE40L with Fiat 8215 engine
Fiat-Allis FG75, FG75A, FG85, FG85A, FG95, FG95A with Fiat engine
Fiat-Allis FL14B
Fiat-Allis FL14C with Fiat engine
Fiat-Allis FL20, FD20 with Fiat 8215.22 turbo engine
Fiat-Allis FR12C with Fiat 8025 engine
Hesston 1580
Iveco 308, 308L, GM309A, GM409A with 8200.12 engine
Iveco 310
Iveco 331A with 8200.02 engine
Iveco 343, 343GT
Iveco 370.10.20, 370.12.26 with 8210.02 engine
Iveco 370.10.20, 370.12.26 with 8220.22 engine
Iveco 370.24 with 8210 engine
Iveco 370.25, 370.30 with 8210.22 engine
Iveco 370.25, 370.30 with 8260.02 engine
Iveco 370.35 with 8280 engine
Iveco 418A, 418AC, 418AL, GM420A, 421A, 421AL with 8200.12 engine
Iveco 418A, 418AC, 418AL, GM420A, 421A, 421AL with 8210.12 engine
Iveco Poker with 8220.22 engine
Van Hool Series 750 Alizee with Fiat 8220.2 engine
Van Hool Series 815 Alizee, Acron 760 Alizee with Fiat 8210.02 engine
Yanmar 6LY2ASTE
Yanmar 6LY2ASTP
Yanmar 6LY3ETP
Yanmar 6LY3STP
Yanmar 6LY3UTP
Yanmar 6LYASTE
Yanmar 6LYAUTE

Fram PH2883 cross reference chart  
AC-Delco Pf1128
Allis-Chalmers 4667339
Allis-Chalmers 4667755
Baldwin Bt349
Big A 92825
Big A 92832
Carello 41-418-000
Carquest 85825
Carquest 85832
Crosland 9304
Donaldson P551272
Donaldson P551604
Fiaam Ft4804
Fiat 1901604
Fiat 4667339
Fiat 4667755
Fiat 8826586
Fiat-Allis 40667339
Fiat-Allis 4667339
Fiat-Allis 4667755
Fiat-Allis 71909137
Fleetguard Lf3346
Fleetguard Lf3656
Fleetguard Lf3740
Fleetguard Lf4104
Fleetrite Lfr-83346
Fleetrite Lfr-83455
Fleetrite Lfr-84104
General Motors 25012565
Hastings Lf537
Luber-Finer Lfp2229
Luber-Finer Lfp4104
Mann Filter W950/17
Napa 1825
Napa 1832
Purolator L50034
Purolator L57232
Tecfil Psl339
Tecnocar R88
WIX 51825
WIX 51832
Yanmar 119593-35100

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