Fram PH2865A Oil Filter

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Fram PH2865A oil filter application chart  
Alaska Diesel L802
Alaska Diesel M802
Ford 1100
Ford 1100, 1200 with 2 cylinder engine
Ford 1110
Ford 1300
Ford 1510
Honda Accord L4 1.6 (1976 - 1978)
Honda Civic L4 1.2 (1973 - 1979)
Honda Civic L4 1.5 (1975 - 1979)
Lugger L802
Lugger M802
Northern Lights 6.5 KW with International diesel engine
Satoh Tractor S-550GELK, S-650G Bison with 1300 engine
Shibaura Tractor SD1540B
Shibaura Tractor SD2200, SD2500, SD4000
Shibaura Tractor SE1300, SE1340, SE1600, SE1640
Shibaura Tractor SE2200, SE2240, SE4000, SE4040
Shibaura Tractor SU1300, SU1341, SU1540

Fram PH2865A cross reference chart  
AC-Delco Pf50
Amsoil Asf54
Amsoil Sdf54
Atlas M-48
Autopar Fe167
Autopro 2390
Award Aof-109
Baldwin B166
Beck/Arnley 041-8020
Beck/Arnley 041-8156
Big A 92390
Bosch 72119
Bumper To Bumper Bbo-109
Canadian Tire 17-1891-4
Carcare Of2865
Carquest 85390
Casite Cf2865
Cenex Co437
Champ Ph2865
Champion Of24
Co-op Pl-503
Crosland 664
Deluxe Wd-437
Deutsch D332
Donaldson P551306
Dynalife Cn-2865
Evergard E109
Facet 2865
Fiaam Ft4906
Filters Incorporated Of2865
Flag C-2865a
Fleetguard Lf795
Fleetrite Lfr-8795
Ford 140516030
Ford E1nn-6714-aa
Ford E1nn-6714-ab
FVP R1390
Gonher Gp42
Goodyear 222-4517
Goodyear L2865
Grand Prix Ph2865
Grease Monkey Gm2865
Group 7 L10109
Gud Z76
Hastings Lf154
Honda 15400-634-003
Honda 15400-634-004
Honda 15400-634-010
Honda 15400-634-013
Honda 15400-634-023
Honda 15400-634-033
Honda 15400-634-505
Hutchen Sf-109
Iapco A-0226-001
Iapco A-0238-004
Iapco Of15
Iapco Of30
Installer Edge Al2865a
International Parts Services 4-1090
ITM 11-10900
ITM 11-10903
ITM 111-0900
Jiffy Lube Hl2865a
Jiffy Lube Jl109
K-Mart K-25
K-Mart Mp-25
Kendall K14
Kerr-McGee Km-2865
Lazorlite L11-1090
Lee Lf-75
Lee Lf-75hp
Luber-Finer Ph2865
Lucas Girling F443
Lucas Girling F6469
Lugger 140516030
Mann Filter W914/80
Mann Filter W917/99
Mann Filter W932/82
Marathon Mo2865
Marathon-Letourneau Mo2865
Master Parts Ph-2865
Micro F-109
Mighty L10109
Mighty Ph2865
Minit Lube Ph2865
Mobil L10109
Motorcraft Fl315
MPA 2512
Napa 1390
OE+ Of-254
OE+ Of-362
Phillips 66 Po109
Pmc Pe-739
Precision Tune Of-119
Pro/Gauge Pgo-109
Purflux Ls488
Purolator L10109
Quaker State L10109
Quaker State Po-122
Quality Qf2865
Satoh 140200
Sears 45186
Sears 45196
Security Ph2865
Service 1 Of109
Shell L10109
Shibaura 140516030
STP Ph2865
Sunoco O-15
Trust Ph2865
Unocal Pf2865
Valutest V2390
Valvoline L-2865
Vera 10-00124
Wako Industrial Lo-707k
Warner Ph2865
Western Auto 74-5931-6
WIX 51390

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