Fram CA8997 Air Filter

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Fram CA8997 air filter application chart:  
Ford Escape L4 2.0 (2001-2004)
Ford Escape L4 2.3 (2005-2008)
Ford Escape L4 2.5 (2009-2012)
Ford Escape V6 3.0 (2001-2008)
Ford Taurus V6 3.0 (2000-2007)
Mazda Tribute L4 2.0 (2001-2004)
Mazda Tribute L4 2.3 (2005-2008)
Mazda Tribute L4 2.5 (2009-2011)
Mazda Tribute V6 3.0 (2001-2008)
Mercury Mariner L4 2.3 (2005-2008)
Mercury Mariner L4 2.5 (2009-2011)
Mercury Mariner V6 3.0 (2005-2008)
Mercury Sable V6 3.0 (2000-2005)

Fram CA8997 cross reference chart:  
AC-Delco A2039C
AC-Delco A2041C
Amsoil EAA202
Baldwin PA4122
Baldwin PA4163
Carquest 87385
Carquest 87793
Casite CFA1112
Champ AF1696
Citgo AF1683
Defense DA8997
Donaldson P606284
Ford FA1696
Ford YF1Z-9601-AA
Ford YL8U-9601-AA
Ford YL8Z-9601-AA
Fram Pro Air FPCA8997
Fram Tough Guard TGA8997
FVP P2793
Group 7 VA5323
Hastings AF1083
Hastings AF1083F
Hastings AF1112
Hastings AF1112F
Hastings CFA1112
Installer Edge AE8997
K & N 33-2178
K & N 33-2187
Kendall KA78
Luber-Finer AF1696
Mann Filter MA1016
Mazda YF09-13-Z40
Mazda ZZCA-23-603
Microgard MGA8997
Mighty A1683
Mighty A1696
Mileguard MA8997
Mobil MA5323
Motomaster MCA8997
Motorcraft FA1683
Motorcraft FA1696
Napa 2385
Napa 2793
Parts Plus AF1683
Pennzoil PZA-244
Performax PA-244
Pit Stop PSA78
Premium Guard PA5323
Primeguard PAF5323
Promotive AF5323
Pronto PA-5323
Pureone Purolator PA35323
Purolator A35323
Purolator PA35323
Quaker State QSA8997
Service Pro MA5323
Shell SHA161
Silverline 22385
STP SA9055
Sure Filter SFA5323
Valvoline VA-141
Valvoline VA-149
Viper 8997
Warner AF1683
Washableair WA8997
WIX 42385
WIX 42793

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