Fram C252 Oil Filter

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Fram C252 oil filter application chart  
Hercules Rxl 6-cyl.  
Joy Wg-9  
Joy Wk-80 with buda M105 engine  
Lull 77 with Oliver 770 engine  
Lull 7b with Oliver 770 engine  
Lull 7c with Oliver 770 engine  
Lull 7c-1 with Oliver 770 engine  
Oliver 166hc  
Oliver 33 with Continental F226 engine  
Oliver 35 with Continental F226 engine  
Oliver 550  
Oliver 550d  
Oliver 551  
Oliver 551d  
Oliver 60  
Oliver 660  
Oliver 660d  
Oliver 70  
Oliver 770  
Oliver 778 Ind.loader  
Oliver 880  
Oliver Gg  
Oliver Hg  
Oliver Oc-3  
Oliver Oc-4-3g  
Oliver Oc-4g, Oc-4-3g  
Oliver Super 166d  
Oliver Super 177d  
Oliver Super 177hc  
Oliver Super 188hc  
Oliver Super 55  
Oliver Super 55d  
Oliver Super 66d  
Oliver Super 77  
Oliver Super 77d  
Oliver Super 88  
Oliver Super 88d  
Oliver Super 99  
Wisconsin Ac4  
Wisconsin Ama4  
Wisconsin Ap4  

Fram C252 cross reference chart  
AC-Delco C412
AC-Delco P411
Avery At-406
Baldwin Pt302
Baldwin T303-m
Big A 92102
Big A 92105
Carquest 85102
Carquest 85105
Case A30513
Co-op Pl-126
Co-op Pmx-sr
Deluxe Wd-77
Fleetguard Lf592
Fleetrite Lfr-8592
General Motors 5570562
Hastings Hf931
Hastings Lf407
Hutchen S-17
Joy 202317
Joy A-200596
Kralinator L823
Luber-Finer 156
Luber-Finer Lfp156
Luber-Finer Lfp157
Michiana Sa-18417
Michiana Sa-18817
Mopar L-118
Mopar L-125
Napa 1102
Napa 1105
Nelson 85013-c
Nelson Wsa-18417s
Nelson Wsa-18817
Purolator L30017
Rol-Pak M-18417-bp
Rol-Pak M-18817-bp
Service Pro M252
Teledyne Rv-19-1
Waukesha 101141a
Wgb S-66-cc
White 100126-a
White 100126-asa
White 100129-a
White 100129-asa
White 100929-asa
White 112060
White 112630
White 1b-5507
White 1l-5507
White 1la-5507
White At-406
White B-5507-b
White Bs-5507-b
White H-399
White L-5507
WIX 51102
WIX 51105

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