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Efco Spark Plugs

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Champion Spark Plugs

Find Champion spark plug numbers for Efco equipment in the model list below.

Efco chainsaws 935D, 940, 951, 956, 962C, 971 and 981

Efco cut off saws 265TTA, 980TTA and 1000TTA

Efco brush cutters and trimmers E8405BP, 8260DAV, 8320LAV, 8320BAV, 8260TA, 8260LAV, 8260BAV, 8350BAV, 8350LAV, 8405BAV, 8420BAV, 8460BAV, 8510BAV, 8725BAV, 8725LAV, 8725TA, 8726BAV, 8726LAV, 8726TA, 8735BAV, 8735LAV, 8740BAV, 8742BAV, 8750PRO, 8746BAV, 8750PRO and 8753BAV

Efco hedge trimmers TS330 and HT27

Efco TR1540 auger

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