DOLMAR PS-9010 Chainsaw

Makita / Dolmar Parts

DOLMAR PS-9010 Chainsaw
Dolmar PS-9010 Chainsaw Specifications:  
Displacement: 90 cc  
Horse Power: 6.9  
RPM: 13,500  
Weight: 17.4 lbs  
Fuel Tank Size: 1 liter  
Oil Tank Size: 0.37 liter  
Guide Bar Sizes: 20", 24", 28" or 32"  
Standard Chain Types: 3/8" or 099 - .50 gauge  

Dolmar PS-9010 spikes
Dolmar PS-9010 starter

The Dolmar PS-9010 chainsaw features:  
• Optimized vibration damping  
• Optimum chip flow through  
• Integrated chain brake  
• Optimized motor characteristics for high torque  
• Double-anchored hand protector  
• Adjustable automatic oil pump

Dolmar PS-9010 air filter cover
Dolmar PS-9010 sprocket deflector

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