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DOLMAR PS-3410TH TLC Chainsaw

Makita / Dolmar Parts

Dolmar PS-3410TH TLC Chainsaw Specifications:  
Displacement: 34 cc  
Horse Power: 1.9  
RPM: 12,500  
Weight: 7.3 lbs (3.3 kg)  
Fuel Tank Size: 0.28 liters  
Oil Tank Size: 0.22 liters  
Guide Bar Sizes: 14" or 16"  
Standard Chain Types: 3/8" - .50 gauge  

The Dolmar PS-3410TH TLC chainsaw features:  
• High torque 34 cc engine  
• Effective vibration damping  
• Good starting in every position, easystart optimized  
• Automatic oil pump for reliable chain lubrication  
• Light weight top handle design for professional arborists and tree service workers  
• Excellent for use with lift buckets and climbing gear  
• TLC tool less chain adjustment system 

Arborist top handle chainsaw

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