DOLMAR MP-352.4 Water Pump

Makita / Dolmar Parts

Dolmar MP-352.4 Water Pump Specifications:  
Displacement: 33.5 cc 4 stroke engine  
Weight: 16.5 lbs  
Fuel Tank Size: 0.65 liters  
Flow Capacity: 34.2 gallons per minute  
Maximum Suction Lift: 26 feet  
Maximum Delivery Height: 148 feet  
Water Connection: 1" hose  
DOLMAR MP-352.4 Water Pump
The Dolmar MP-352.4 Water Pump features:  
• Powerfull 4-Stroke-Engine  
• Runback protection at suction part  
• Mounting plate with vibration damping  
• Easy accessible spark plug, oil and fuel openings  
• Throttle for easy adjustment of flow-rate  
• Filler neck for primering  
• Bow-type handle  
• Drain screw for easy draining - avoids oxidation  

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