Champion RZ7C Spark Plug (965)

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Champion spark plug model number:

Type: resistor  

Gap setting: .025"

RZ7C cross reference part numbers:

Other part numbers:
Champion 965

RZ7C spark plug application chart:  
Arctic Cat 50 2x4 2008-2004
Arctic Cat 90 2015
Arctic Cat 90 2x4 4-Stroke 2014-2005
Arctic Cat 90 2x4 SE 2009
Arctic Cat DVX 50 2006
Arctic Cat DVX 90 2015-2006
Arctic Cat DVX 90 SE 2009
Bombardier DS90 4-Stroke 2006-2002
Bombardier Quest 90 4-stroke 2004
E-Ton Viper 150R 2011-2005
E-Ton Viper 70 4-Stroke 2011-2006
E-Ton Viper 70 Silver Series 2011-2009
E-Ton Viper 70M 4-Stroke 2007-2006
E-Ton Viper 90 2007-2006
E-Ton Yukon 2001-2000
E-Ton Yukon CXL 150 2011
E-Ton Yukon II CXL 150 2010-2002
E-Ton YXL 150 2002-2001
Honda C70 1983-1980
Honda CA100 1963
Honda CA102 1963
Honda CA105T 1963
Honda CA110 1963
Honda CH80 Elite 2007-1985
Honda CL70 Scrambler 1972-1969
Honda CM185T Twinstar 1979-1978
Honda CM200T Twinstar 1982-1980
Honda CM250C Custom 1983-1982
Honda CRF100F 2011-2004
Honda CRF70F 2009
Honda CRF80F 2011-2004
Honda CT70 1982-1970
Honda NSF100 2006
Honda P50 1968
Honda QA50 1975-1971
Honda S65 1965
Honda SL70 1973-1971
Honda TRX90X 2015-2009
Honda XL70 1976-1974
Honda XL75 1979-1977
Honda XL80S 1985-1980
Honda XR100 1984-1981
Honda XR100R 2003-1985
Honda XR75 1978-1973
Honda XR80 1984-1979
Honda XR80R 2003-1985
Kasea Skyhawk 250 2005-2003
Kawasaki EX250F Ninja 250R 2007-1986
Kawasaki KFX50 2015-2013
Kawasaki KFX90 2015-2012
Kawasaki KLX140 2015-2012
Kawasaki KLX140L 2015-2012
KTM 50 SX 2015-2008
KTM 50 SX Junior 2009
KTM 50 SX Mini 2015-2009
KTM 65 SX 2015-2008
KTM 65 XC 2009
Kymco Agility 125 2014-2006
Kymco Filly 50 2004-2002
Kymco Maxxer 50 2008
Kymco Mongoose 70 2014-2007
Kymco Mongoose 90 2010-2004
Kymco People 150 2012-2002
Kymco People S 125 2009-2006
Kymco People S 200 2010-2006
Kymco People S 50 2009-2006
Lem Cayman R 2008
Lem Cayman S 2008
Lem Condor Boy 2013-2011
Lem Condor Kid 2013-2010
Lem Condor R 2010-2009
Lem DX150 2013-2010
Lem DX150 40th 2013
Lem DX150 Motard 2013-2010
Lem DX150 Motard 40th 2013
Lem RX 150 2010
Lem RX 150 Motard 2011-2010
SDG Lil Mini 50 2006-2005
SDG Pro Mini 125 2006-2005
SDG Speed Mini 107 2006-2004
Suzuki DR-Z70 2009-2008
Generac iX800
Husqvarna 130BT 29.5cc
Husqvarna 150BF 50.2cc
Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2.15hp
Husqvarna 170BF 64.9cc
Husqvarna 170BT 64.9cc
Husqvarna 180BF 71.9cc
Husqvarna 180BT 71.9cc
Husqvarna 224L 25.0cc 1.1hp
Husqvarna 226HD60S 23.6cc 1.14hp
Husqvarna 226HD75S 23.6cc 1.14hp
Husqvarna 226HS75S 23.6cc 1.1hp
Husqvarna 226HS99S 23.6cc 1.1hp
Husqvarna 324LDX 25cc 1.1hp
Husqvarna 350BT 29.5cc
Husqvarna 370BTS 29.5cc
Husqvarna 380BTS 29.5cc
Husqvarna 426LST 24.5cc 1.2hp
Husqvarna 526XP 59.8cc 4.7hp
Husqvarna 543XP 43.1cc 2.95hp
Husqvarna 545 50.1cc 3.35hp
Husqvarna 550XP 50.1cc 3.75hp
Husqvarna 550XP TrioBrake 50.1cc 3.75hp
Husqvarna 550XPG 50.1cc 3.75hp
Husqvarna 555 59.8cc 4.3hp
Husqvarna 560BFS 65.6cc 3.8hp
Husqvarna 560BTS 65.6cc 3.8hp
Husqvarna 562XP 59.8cc 4.7hp
Husqvarna 562XPG 59.8cc 4.7hp
Husqvarna 570BFS 65.6cc 3.9hp
Husqvarna 570BTS 65.6cc 3.9hp
Husqvarna 580BFS 75.6cc 4.2hp
Husqvarna 580BTS 75.6cc 4.2hp
Husqvarna T435 32.2cc 2.01hp
Husqvarna T520 37.7cc 2.4hp
Jonsered BB2250 2-Cycle Air-Cooled 50.2cc 2.15hp
Jonsered CC2245 45.7cc 2.8hp
Jonsered CS2253 50.1cc 3.7hp
Jonsered CS2253WH 50.1cc 3.7hp
Jonsered CS2258 59.8cc 4.3hp
Jonsered CS2260 59.8cc 4.7hp
Jonsered CS2260WH 59.8cc 4.7hp
Jonsered FC2245 45.7cc 2.9hp
Jonsered FC2245W 45.7cc 2.9hp
Kipor KGE1300TC KG55 53.5cc
McCulloch ASB3206 Air Stream 30cc
Redmax BCZ2401S Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.1hp
Redmax BCZ2460S Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax BCZ2460TS Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax BCZ2610S Strato-Charged 25.4cc 1.2hp
Redmax BCZ2650S 25.4cc 1.2hp
Redmax BCZ2650SS Strato-Charged 25.4cc 1.2hp
Redmax BCZ2660TS Strato-Charged 25.4cc 1.2hp
Redmax BCZ3050S Strato-Charged 29.5cc 1.4hp
Redmax BCZ3050SW Strato-Charged 29.5cc 1.4hp
Redmax BCZ3060TS Strato-Charged 29.5cc 1.4hp
Redmax BCZ400SW Strato-Charged 40.1cc 2hp
Redmax CHTZ2460 Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax CHTZ2460L Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax EBZ2601 Strato-Charged 25.4cc 1.2hp
Redmax EBZ5100 Strato-Charged 50.2cc 2.3hp
Redmax EBZ5150 Strato-Charged 50.2cc 2.3hp
Redmax EBZ5150RH Strato-Charged 50.2cc
Redmax EBZ6500 Strato-Charged 65.6cc
Redmax EBZ6500RH Strato-Charged 65.6cc
Redmax EBZ7500 Strato-Charged 75.6cc
Redmax EBZ7500RH Strato-Charged 75.6cc
Redmax EBZ8001 Strato-Charged 71.9cc 4.4hp
Redmax EBZ8050 Strato-Charged 71.9cc 4.4hp
Redmax EBZ8500 Strato-Charged 75.6cc
Redmax EBZ8500RH Strato-Charged 75.6cc
Redmax EXZ2401S-PH Strato-Charged Maxtreme Power Head 23.6cc 1.1hp
Redmax EXZ2460SPH Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax GZ3500T Strato-Charged 35.2cc 1.91hp
Redmax GZ4000 Strato-Charged 40.1cc 2.4hp
Redmax GZ4000 Zenoah
Redmax GZ4500 Strato-Charged 44cc 2.5hp
Redmax HBZ2610 Strato-Charged 25.4cc
Redmax HEZ2401S Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.1hp
Redmax HEZ2460F Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax HEZ2460S Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax HEZ2610F Strato-Charged 25.4cc 1.2hp
Redmax HEZ2650F Strato-Charged 25.4cc 1.2hp
Redmax HEZ3060S Strato-Charged 29.5cc 1.4hp
Redmax HTZ2460 Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax HTZ2460L Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax LRTZ2460 Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax PSZ2401 Redmax Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.1hp
Redmax PSZ2465S 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax SGCZ2460S Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax SRTZ246 Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.4hp
Redmax SRTZ2460 Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Redmax SRTZ2460F Strato-Charged 23.6cc 1.14hp
Ryobi RY09460 4-Cycle
Ryobi RY13010 4-Cycle 1.1hp
Ryobi RY34001 4-Cycle 30cc
Ryobi RY34421 4-Cycle 30cc
Ryobi RY34441 4-Cycle 30cc
Ryobi RY64400 4-Cycle 30cc 1hp
Ryobi X430 4-Cycle 30cc
Stihl BG56 27.2cc 0.9hp
Stihl BG66 27.2cc 0.8hp
Stihl BG86 27.2cc 1.1hp
Stihl BR500 64.8cc
Stihl BR550 64.8cc
Stihl BR600 64.8cc
Stihl BT130 Auger 36.3cc 1.9hp
Stihl FC56C 27.2cc 1.1hp
Stihl FC70 27.2cc 1.2hp
Stihl FS100 4-MIX 31.4cc 1.3hp
Stihl FS100RX 31.4cc 1.4hp
Stihl FS130 36.3cc 1.9hp
Stihl FS130R 36.3cc 1.9hp
Stihl FS240 37.7cc 2.3hp
Stihl FS240R 37.7cc 2.3hp
Stihl FS260C 41.6cc 2.7hp
Stihl FS310
Stihl FS360C 37.7cc 2.3hp
Stihl FS40C 27.2cc .9hp
Stihl FS460CM 45.6cc 3hp
Stihl FS460CML 45.6cc 3hp
Stihl FS50C 27.2cc 1.1hp
Stihl FS56 27.2cc 1.1hp
Stihl FS70 27.2cc 1.2hp
Stihl FS94 24.1cc 1.2hp
Stihl HS46 21.4cc 0.9hp
Stihl HS56C 21.4cc 0.9hp
Stihl HT100 31.4cc 1.3hp 4-MIX
Stihl HT101 31.4cc 1.3hp 4-MIX
Stihl HT130 36.3cc 1.9hp
Stihl HT131 36.3cc 1.9hp
Stihl HT56C 27.2cc 1.1hp
Stihl KM110 4-MIX 31.4cc 1.3hp
Stihl KM130 36.3cc 1.9hp
Stihl KM56R 27.2cc 1.1hp
Stihl KM90 28.4cc 1.3hp
Stihl KM90R 28.4cc 1.3hp
Stihl Kombi KM130 36.3cc 1.9hp
Stihl Kombi KM56 2-Cycle Single Cylinder 27.2cc 1.1hp
Stihl Kombi KM56 RC-E 2-Cycle Single Cylinder 27.2cc 1.1hp
Stihl MS150C 23.6cc 1.3hp
Stihl MS192 30.1cc 1.7hp
Stihl MS192C 30.1cc 1.7hp
Stihl MS193 30.1cc 1.7hp
Stihl MS201 35.2cc 2.4hp
Stihl MS201T 35.2cc 2.4hp
Stihl MS241CM 42.6cc 3.1hp
Stihl MS251 45.6cc 3hp
Stihl MS251C
Stihl SH56 27.2cc 0.9hp
Stihl SH86 27.2cc 1.1hp
Stihl SR200 27.2cc 1.1hp
Vento Hot Rod 2008
Vento Phantera 2006
Vento Phantom R3 2003
Vento Phantom r4i 2006-2004
Vento Phantom R5 2008
Yamaha TTR50E 2016-2006
Yamaha TTR90E 2007-2003
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 2004-1989
Yamaha YFM100 Champ 1991-1987
Yamaha YFM125 Grizzly 2013-2012
Yamaha YFM80 Badger 2001-1985
Yamaha YFM90 Raptor 2013-2012

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