Champion RY4C Spark Plug (978)

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Champion Spark Plugs

Champion spark plug model number:

Type: resistor  

Gap setting: .025"

RY4C cross reference numbers:

Other part numbers:
Champion 978

RY4C spark plug application chart:  
Dolmar MP352.4 4-Cycle EH035P 33.5cc
Dolmar MS250.4 24.5cc 0.885hp
Dolmar MS251.4 24.5cc 0.885hp
Dolmar PB250.4 4-Cycle 24.5cc 1.1hp
Dolmar PB251.4 4-Cycle 24.5cc 1.1hp
Dolmar PB7600.4 4-Cycle 75.6cc 3.8hp
Dolmar PB7601.4 4-Cycle 75.6cc 3.8hp
Dolmar PS32 32cc
Dolmar PS351 34.7cc
Dolmar PS421 42.4cc
Earthquake (Ardisam) IG800W Viper 4-Cycle 40cc
Earthquake (Ardisam) MC440 Viper 4 Cycle 40cc
Honda E100
Honda E300
Honda E300C
Honda E300K1
Honda E300K2
Honda E300K3
Honda E40
Honda E400
Honda E80
Honda ED250
Honda EL80
Honda EM300 GE300 8hp K1, K2, K3
Honda EM400
Honda EM400K1
Honda ER400
Husqvarna 122C 21.7cc 0.8hp
Husqvarna 122HD45 21.7cc 0.8hp
Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7cc 0.8hp
Husqvarna 122LDX 21.7cc 0.8hp
Husqvarna Subaru/Robin 4-Cycle OHV Single Cylinder EH035 1.6hp
Komatsu Zenoau GZ25N 2-Cycle Single Cylinder 25.4cc
Koshin SEH-25L Honda GX25 25cc 1hp
Makita EA3201S35B 32cc
Redmax BCZ2500S Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax BCZ2600S Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax CHT220 2-Cycle 21.7cc 0.8hp
Redmax CHT220L 2-Cycle 21.7cc 0.8hp
Redmax EXZ2500S Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax HBZ2500 Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax HBZ2600 Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax HEZ2500F Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax HEZ2500S Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax HTZ2400 Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax HTZ2500 Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax LRTZ2500 Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax PSZ2500 Zenoah
Redmax RMNBZ2500S Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax RMSZ2500S Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax SGCZ2500S Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Redmax SRTZ2500 Strato-Charged 2-Cycle
Robin 4-Cycle OHV Single Cylinder EH025 1.1hp
Robin 4-Cycle OHV Single Cylinder EH035 1.6hp
Robin 4-Cycle OHV Single Cylinder EH035V 1.6hp
Steam-Jet 505
Stihl FC73
Stihl FC83 25.4cc 1.3hp
Stihl HL73
Stihl HT70
Stihl HT70 25.4cc 1.3hp
Stihl HT73
Stihl HT73 25.4cc 1.2hp
Stihl HT75
Stihl HT75 25.4cc 1.3hp
Stihl Komatsu
Suzuki SE300  

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