Champion RH8C Spark Plug (538)

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Champion Spark Plugs

Champion spark plug model number:

Type: resistor  

Gap setting: .025"

Other Champion part numbers:
538, RH8, XH8, XH8J, XH9

RH8C cross reference part numbers:
AC Delco CR43L

RH8C spark plug application chart:
Harley Davidson KH 1956-1955
Harley Davidson KHK 1956-1955
Harley Davidson KHRTT 1957-1955
Harley Davidson XL 1959-1957
Harley Davidson XLC 1958
Harley Davidson XLCH 1971-1958
Harley Davidson XLH900 1970-1958
Harley Davidson XLR 1960-1959
Harley Davidson XLRTT 1964-1958
Allis-Chalmers with Onan
Berkely Ford 6 Cylinders
Carver Ford 215cid
Carver Ford 254cid
Chrysler Power Bee 58011 4hp
Comet D-51
Craftsman / Sears Onan 16hp
Cub Cadet Kohler 10hp
Gardner-Denver Ford V-8
Gorman-Rupp CCKB Onan
Gravely 800 Onan B43M
Gravely 800 Onan B48M
Gravely 800 Onan BF
Gravely 8000 Series Onan B43M
Gravely 8000 Series Onan B48M
Gravely 8000 Series Onan BF
Gravely Commercial 450
Gravely Convertible 7.6 (Gravely Engs.)
Gravely Westchester
Hoffco D51
Hoffco HD
Hoffco S510
Hoffco Super 88
Hoffco West Bend
Ingersoll Onan CCKA
Le Roi Onan NH
Le Roi Onan NHCV
Onan 10JC
Onan 15JC
Onan 2.5
Onan 3.0 MAJB
Onan 5JB
Onan 6.5 NH Spec. A & D
Onan AAE
Onan AH
Onan AJ
Onan AJ-MC
Onan AK
Onan BF Gimini
Onan BH
Onan CCK Series CCKB-MS
Onan CK
Onan EL
Onan J120
Onan J30
Onan J60
Onan J60-13-MCHV
Onan JA
Onan JB
Onan JC
Onan LK-MC
Onan MAJ
Onan MCK
Onan MH
Onan MJA
Onan MJB
Onan MJC
Onan MKH
Onan NB
Onan NH Gimini
Over-Lite Onan CCK
Pennington Onan
Simplicity Onan CCKB
Smith Ford 254cid
Thermo-King AM
Thermo-King HK
Thermo-King KL
Thermo-King KW
Thermo-King ROL
Thermo-King UK
Thermo-King XKL
Thermo-King XROL
U.S. Motors BXB Hercules
U.S. Motors Stover DV2
U.S. Motors ZX Hercules
U.S. Motors ZXB Hercules  

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