Champion RDZ4H Spark Plug (979)

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Champion Spark Plugs

Champion spark plug model number:

Type: resistor  

Gap setting: .025"

Other part numbers:

RDZ4H spark plug application chart:
Troy-Bilt TB465SS 4-Cycle 26cc
Troy-Bilt TB4BPEC 4-Cycle 32cc
Troy-Bilt TB4HBEC 4-Cycle 25cc
Troy-Bilt TB515 4-Cycle 29cc
Troy-Bilt TB516EC 4-Cycle 29cc
Troy-Bilt TB525CS 4-Cycle 29cc
Troy-Bilt TB525EC 4-Cycle 29cc
Troy-Bilt TB575EC 4-Cycle 29cc
Troy-Bilt TB575SS 4-Cycle 29cc
Troy-Bilt TB590EC 4-Cycle 29cc
Troy-Bilt TB6040XP 4-Cycle 25cc
Troy-Bilt TB6042XP 4-Cycle 25cc

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