Champion DJ7Y Spark Plug (855)

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Champion Spark Plugs

 Find Champion DJ7Y spark plugs for your small engine equipment below. Champion part number 855.

Champion spark plug model number:

Type: Standard  

Gap: .025"

Other Champion part numbers:

DJ7Y cross reference numbers:
Autolite 2554
Bosch HS8E
Torch N6TC

Champion DJ7Y Spark Plug Applications:

DOLMAR 100 Super, 102, 110i
DOLMAR 120, 120 Super
HOMELITE 180, 192, 200 All Models
HOMELITE 245 HG, SL, 252 All Models
HOMELITE 410, 540
HOMELITE DM-40, DM-54 Multi-Purpose
HOMELITE LX30, Little Red XL
JONSERED 410, 420
JONSERED 490, 510, 510M, 520SP
McCULLOCH Eager Beaver 2000 Series
McCULLOCH Eager Beaver 2100AV Series
McCULLOCH Eager Beaver Super 2300AV Series
McCULLOCH Mac 3200 Series
McCULLOCH Mac 3500AV Series
McCULLOCH Mac 3800AV Series
McCULLOCH Mac Cat 16, Super 16AV
McCULLOCH Mac Cat 18, Super 18AV
McCULLOCH Pro Mac 2500, 3205AV-14
McCULLOCH Pro Mac 3505AV-16, 3805AV-18
McCULLOCH Pro Mac 380
McCULLOCH Pro Mac 8200AV
McCULLOCH Silver Eagle SE2012, SE2012b, SE2014
McCULLOCH Silver Eagle SE2014k, SE2016, SE2116
McCULLOCH Silver Eagle SE2316, SE2318
PARTNER 500, 5000, P500, P5000

Commercial & Industrial Engines
HOMELITE AP120, MB-1000 High Pres. Wash. & Pumps

Outdoor Power Equipment
DOLMAR BC25, BC330 Blowers, Drills & Pressure Washers
DOLMAR LT250, MS2501 Brushcutters, Edgers & Trimmers
DOLMAR PE250 Brushcutters, Edgers & Trimmers
GREEN MACHINE 1940 Trimmers
HOFFCO HB250 Tillers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN 165, 260, 310 Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN bp250, bx90 Blowers & Hedgetrimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN d30mha, d25mhv, d30mhv Blowers & Hedgetrimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN d630cd, d730cdv, d830ca, d830cb, d830cd Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN d830sb, d830sba, d830sd, d830sd Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN e200 Edgers, Ditchers, Lawn Tractors & Tillers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN hb100, 180, 180v, hb180vgk Blowers & Hedgetrimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN hb280, 290, 380, 480, 680 Blowers & Hedgetrimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN hb390, hb390v Blowers & Hedgetrimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN hbc18, 28, 30, 38, 40 Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN hlt15, 16, 18, 28, hbc28 Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN ht17, 19, 21, 22 Blowers & Hedgetrimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN htc12 Edgers, Ditchers, Lawn Tractors & Tillers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN hx16, pbp3000, php3000 Blowers & Hedgetrimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN pbc3600 Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN plt3200, plt3400 Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN pse3000 Edgers, Ditchers, Lawn Tractors & Tillers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN pse3000, z25ehv Blowers & Hedgetrimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN st160, 160a, 180 Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN sx135, 155, st175g Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN ZR Series: z625cd, z625cdv, z625sd Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN ZR Series: z725ca, z725cb, z725cdv Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN ZR Series: z725ce, z725cea, z725se Brushcutters & Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN ZR Series: z825sd, z830sb, z830sba, z885sd Brushcutters & Trimmers
JOHN DEERE BH30, BH40 Blowers, Chipper/Shredders, Riding Mowers, Tillers, Tractors & Vacuums
JOHN DEERE T30c, T30s, T30sb Brush Cutters & Trimmers
LAWN-BOY 61620, 61638, 61653 Riding Mowers, Tillers & Trimmers
LAWN-BOY w/Power Prod. Engs. Riding Mowers, Tillers & Trimmers
McCULLOCH GHT30 Hedge Trimmer Trimmers
McCULLOCH Pro Mac 2025, 2035, 2045 Trimmers
McCULLOCH Pro Mac 2510 Trimmers
McCULLOCH Pro Mac 2560, 2560HD Trimmers
McCULLOCH Pro Mac PB250 Blowers & Vacuums
McCULLOCH Titan 2000, 2030, 2100, 2250 Trimmers
McCULLOCH Titan 2310, 2360, 2500 Trimmers
McCULLOCH Titan 2560AV, 2565AV Trimmers
McCULLOCH Titan GLE2380, GLE2580AV Trimmers
POWER PRUNER PP600 Tree Trimmers
RYOBI 725r, 725rE, 750r, 768r Trimmers
SINGER GC31, GBC2818, GT2815 Blower/Vacs, Brushcutters, Tillers & Trimmers
SINGER GTE2818, GTS2816 Blower/Vacs, Brushcutters, Tillers & Trimmers
SOLO 415, 420 Sprayers
TANAKA TBC-210 Brushcutters
TANAKA TBC-2400, 2410 Trimmers
TANAKA THB-2100, 2400 Blowers
TANAKA TPE-2110, 2410 Edgers
TORO 51903, 51906, 51908, 51909 Trimmers
TORO 51911, 51916, 51918 Trimmers
TORO Blowers 62901 Turf Equipment
TORO Culivators Turf Equipment
TORO Hedge Trimmers 53040, 53041 Turf Equipment
TRIM-A-LAWN 153001 Trimmers

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