Champion CJ6Y Spark Plug (858)

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Champion Spark Plugs

Buy Champion CJ6Y spark plugs for your small engine equipment below. Championpart number 858.

Champion spark plug model number:

Type: Standard  

Gap: .025"

CJ6Y cross reference numbers:
Autolite 2974
Bosch WS6F
Denso W22MP-U
Torch L7TC

Champion CJ6Y Spark Plug Applications:

DOLMAR  109, 111, 111i, 115i
DOLMAR  116Si, 120Si
DOLMAR  PS6000i, PS6800i, PS9000
DOLMAR Cut Off Saws PC6212, PC6214, PC7312, PC7314
ECHO  3900, 4400, 4500, 4600, 5000
ECHO  510EVL, 660EVL, 702VL, 702EVL, 750EVL
ECHO  5500, 6700, 8000
ECHO  QV6700, 8000
GREEN MACHINE  30, 33, 38
HOMELITE Chain & Cut Off Saws 250 All Models
HOMELITE Chain & Cut Off Saws 290, 340, 8800
HOMELITE Chain & Cut Off Saws 300
HOMELITE Chain & Cut Off Saws d3300, d3800
HOMELITE Chain & Cut Off Saws d3350b, d3850b
HOMELITE Chain & Cut Off Saws z3330, z3350
HOMELITE Chain & Cut Off Saws z3350b, z3850b
JOHN DEERE  200CS, 230CS, 550CS
JOHN DEERE  820, 840
JONSERED  820, 840
LESCO  LCS4500, LCS5100
MAKITA Chain Saws DCS6800iFL/FW, DCS9000FL/FW
MAKITA Cut Off Saws DPC6200, DPC6201
MAKITA Cut Off Saws DPC7000, DPC7001, DPC7300
MAKITA Cut Off Saws DPC7301, DPC9500, DPC9501
POULAN  3500, 3600, 3750
POULAN  Bad Boy 3750
POULAN  PP365, PP380
SHINDAIWA  357 Top Handle, 360, 488P
SHINDAIWA  377, 577, 757C
SOLO  603, 633, 634, 636, 639, 641, 644, 644H
SOLO  645, 647, 651, 651SP, 654, 662
SOLO  667, 667W, 670
SOLO  680, 680W, 690D, 690WD
STIHL  009 Mini Boss
STIHL  009, 009AV, 009EQZ, 009L
STIHL  010AV, 011AV, 011AVTEQ, 011T, 015
STIHL  015AV, 015AVP, 015AVS, 015L
STIHL  015LE, 015R, 017, 020AV, 020AVH, 020AVS
STIHL  020AVP, 020AVT, 020T, 021, 021 Wood Boss
STIHL  023 Wood Boss, 023AV, 023C, 023L, 024
STIHL  024AV, 024WB, 025 Wood Boss, 025AVH, 026
STIHL  026AVP, 026 Pro, 026 Artic, 026S, 028AV
STIHL  028AVE, 028AVS, 028WB, 029, 030AV, 031AV
STIHL  029 Farm Boss
STIHL  031AVEQ, 032AV, 032AVE, 034, 034AVEQ, 034WB
STIHL  036, 036AV, 036 Pro, 036 Pro Arctic, 038AV
STIHL  038AVE, 038AVMEQ, 038AVS, 038 Magnum, 039
STIHL  040, 040G Normal Service
STIHL  041, 041FB, 041AV, 041AVE
STIHL  041AVE Super
STIHL  042AV, 042AVE
STIHL  044 Arctic, 045AV, 045AVE
STIHL  045AVE Super, 046 Arctic, 046 Magnum
STIHL  048AV, 048AVE, 050AV
STIHL  051AV, 051AVE, 056
STIHL  056AV, 056AVE, 056AVS
STIHL  064, 064AVEP, 065, 066
STIHL  066 Magnum, 064AVEQ, 064AVREQ
STIHL  070, 070AV, 075AV
STIHL  075AVE, 076AV, 078AVE
STIHL  084, 084AVEQ, 084Z, 088, 090
STIHL  090AV, 090E, 090G, 090N, 090R, 090S
STIHL  1106-Contra 1601
STIHL  O42AVEQ, 044, 044CSA, 044AVE

Cut Off Saws
JOHN DEERE Cut Off Saws 380MS, 880MS
STIHL TS08 #X18 735 399 & Above
STIHL TS350 X17 451 128 & Above
STIHL TS350S, TS360AVE, TS400, TS460
STIHL Cut Off Saws TS480, TS510AVE, TS760AVE
STIHL Cut Off Saws TS50, TS200, TS360

Commercial & Industrial Engines
DOLMAR HP450 High Pres. Wash.
MAKITA DBC340, EHW120 Centrifugal & Trash Pumps
Lawn Mowers
FLYMO  with Tecumseh 2 h.p.

Motorcycles, Minibikes, Mopeds, Scooters
GO-PED  Power Scooter

Outdoor Power Equipment
ARDISAM 5 IN 1 Woodchuck 8900WC with Tecumseh 2 h.p. Home Maintenance Machines & Power Drills
BADGER Models 80 & 81 Earth Augers
BRUSHKING BK49 Brushcutters & Trimmers
CRAFTSMAN with Tecumseh 2 h.p. Edgers, Sweepers & Tillers
DITCHER SAW  with Homelite Super XL 3 h.p.
DOLMAR HP450 Blowers, Drills & Pressure Washers
DOLMAR LT30 Brushcutters, Edgers & Trimmers
DOLMAR MS30C, MS30U, MS340 Brushcutters, Edgers & Trimmers
DOLMAR MS3200, MS3210, MS3300 Brushcutters, Edgers & Trimmers
DOLMAR MS3400, MS4000, MS4500 Brushcutters, Edgers & Trimmers
DOLMAR PB250, PB500R Blowers, Drills & Pressure Washers
DYNA DIGGR with Tecumseh 2 h.p. Powered Shovels
E-Z ROLL with Tecumseh 2 h.p. Edgers, Mowers & Tillers
EARTHQUAKE 8900E & 8902 with Tecumseh 2 h.p. Earth Drills
EARTHQUAKE Woodchuck 8900 with Tecumseh 2 h.p. Earth Drills
ECHO PB4500, PB46HT, PB46LN, SHR2100 Blowers, Sprayers & Vacuums
ECHO PB60HT Blowers, Sprayers & Vacuums
ECHO REC600, RM303E Edgers & Trimmers
ESKIMO 8900 & 8902 with Tecumseh 2 h.p. Earth & Ice Drills
FELDMANN Models 70, 80 & 81 Plus Ice & Post Hole Drills
FLYMO GCT12, GCT15 with Tecumseh 2 h.p. Hovering Trimmers & Tillers
GREEN MACHINE 2500LP, 2540LP Trimmers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN e50-2 Edgers, Ditchers, Lawn Tractors & Tillers
HOMELITE-JACOBSEN pbc3800, pbc40000 Brushcutters & Trimmers
HUSQVARNA 145BT/BF, 155BT, 225B/BX Blowers, Edgers, Pruners, Stump Grinders & Tillers
HUSQVARNA 18RL, 22R, 22RL, 25R, 25RL Brushcutters & Trimmers
HUSQVARNA 26LC, 26RLC, 32L, 32LC Brushcutters & Trimmers
HUSQVARNA HVT1200, HVT1500 Brushcutters & Trimmers
KAWASAKI KRB400A, KRB400B Blowers, Hedge Trimmers & Trimmer/Brushcutters
KAWASAKI KRB700B Blowers, Hedge Trimmers & Trimmer/Brushcutters
LESCO EQUIPMENT LHB2500, LHE2500, LHB4400 Aerators, Blowers, Dethatcher, Edgers, Mowers,

Sprayers & Spreaders
LESCO EQUIPMENT LHD2400, LHS3025 Hedge Trimmers Trimmers
LESCO EQUIPMENT LHS4025 Hedge Trimmers Trimmers
MAKITA DBC300, DBC301, DST300 Trimmers
MAKITA RBE250 Blowers & Edgers
MAKITA RBL500 Blowers & Edgers
MARUYAMA BL2600, BLL2600, BL5400SP, BL5400W Blowers, Edgers, Hedgetrimmers, Misters, Sprayers
& Tillers
MARUYAMA BL5500, BL4500, BL4600, BL6700 Blowers, Edgers, Hedgetrimmers, Misters, Sprayers & Tillers
McCULLOCH Pro Mac DBC300, DBS300, DBC301 Trimmers
MEP with Tecumseh 2 h.p. Aerators, Mowers, Sickles & Tillers
MTD PRO 24HC, 30HC, 40HC Hedge Clippers
MTD PRO 81C62, 81C73 Trimmers
MTD PRO HB26, BB45 Blowers
MTD PRO ST35, ST26, ST23 Trimmers
RED MAX BC2000, BC2001, BC2300 Brushcutters & Trimmers
RED MAX BC2600, BC2600DL, BT2000 Brushcutters & Trimmers
RED MAX BC340, BC442 (C.A.R.B) Brushcutters & Trimmers
RED MAX CHT300, CHT2300, CHT2300L Hedge Trimmers
RED MAX HB2300 Blowers
RED MAX HE2600 Reciprocating Edgers
RED MAX HT2300, HT2300L Hedge Trimmers
REDLINE  Trimmers
ROBIN FL500 Blowers
ROBIN NBT415 Brushcutters
RYOBI 2075r, 2075RC, 2079r, 2090r, 2090RC Trimmers
SOLO 117, 21L, 121B, 129, 129BTS Trimmers
SOLO 118, 119L, 119B, 120, 124, 126, 127 Trimmers
STIHL Auger, Drill with 020 & 045 Power Heads Misc. Turf Equipment
STIHL BG060, BG061, BG75 Blower/Vacuums & Blower/Sprayers
STIHL BT360 Augers Misc. Turf Equipment
STIHL FS150, FS151, FS200, FS200AV Grass Trimmers & Brush Cutters
STIHL FS160, FS180, FS280K, FS360AVEZ Grass Trimmers & Brush Cutters
STIHL FS20, FS48, FS52, FS62 Grass Trimmers & Brush Cutters
STIHL FS420, FS200AVE, FS202, FS202AV, FS220 Grass Trimmers & Brush Cutters
STIHL H151, HS202, HS60, HS61, HS242 Hedge Trimmers
STIHL S10 Misc. Turf Equipment
TANAKA TBC-260PF, 420PF, 430PF (Pure Fire) Trimmers
TORO Blower/Vacs Turf Equipment
TORO Blowers 30941 Turf Equipment
TORO Blowers BP6900 Turf Equipment
TRIM-A-LAWN 154950LE, 154950LW, 154900 Trimmers
WEBSTER with Tecumseh 2 h.p. Deep Root Feeders

Power Equipment Engines
KAWASAKI M20, MV20 (Twin), Magnum 3.2 h.p.
TANAKA 26cc & 40cc 2-Cycle engines Pure Fire Engines
TECUMSEH TCH300 2.0 h.p.

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