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How To Replace a Snowblower Auger Cable

Replacing the auger cable on a snowblower involves several steps. Keep in mind that specific steps may vary depending on depanding on makes and model, so it's advised to refer to your snowblower's shop manual for accurate instructions. The following is a general guide.

Tools and Materials Required

New auger cable (Refer to illustrated parts list for correct part numer)
Vice grips
Socket set

How to Guide

Ensure the snowblower is turned off and the spark plug wire is disconnected to prevent accidental starts.

If your snowblower has a fuel tank shut off, close the shut off valve to prevent spills and potential fire hazards.

Access the Auger Cable.

Locate the auger cable on your snowblower. It connects the control lever to the auger engagement mechanism. This is usually a mechanical arm.

If necessary, remove the control panel or cover that houses the auger engagement lever. This might involve removing screws or bolts.

Disconnect the Old Cable.

Disconnect the old cable from the auger engagement mechanism. This may involve removing a retaining clip, pin, or bolt.
Follow the cable to the control lever, and disconnect it there as well.
Remove the old cable:

Carefully pull the old cable out of any guides or brackets. Take note of the routing to ensure the new cable is installed correctly.

Install the New Cable.

Feed the new auger cable through the same guides and brackets as the old cable.
Connect one end of the new cable to the auger engagement mechanism, following the reverse of the steps used to remove the old cable.

Connect the other end of the cable to the control lever.

Adjust the Cable Tension (if applicable)

Adjust the tension of the new cable to ensure proper engagement of the auger. There may be an adjustment nut or mechanism near one end of the cable.
Test the Auger Engagement:

Reconnect the spark plug wire.
Start the snowblower and test the auger engagement to ensure it functions properly.
Secure the Cable:

Reassemble the Control Panel.

If you removed a control panel or cover, reassemble it using the appropriate screws or bolts.

Final Check

Double-check all connections and cable routing to ensure everything is secure and in its proper place.

Always refer to your specific snowblower's workshop repair manual for detailed instructions, and if you're unsure or uncomfortable with the process, consider seeking assistance from an authorized service repair center or contacting the manufacturer for support.

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